AAR OPN Fresh Start 29 Jan. –Apr. 1970

 DECLASSFIED PER EXECUTIVE ORDER 12356, Section 3.3 873541      .

  By R.B: /M.I.        NARA, Date 12-2-93





 APO San Francisco 96257

 AVIC.WE                                                                                                            28 Jun 79


 Transmitted herewith is the Combat Operations After Action Report –Operation FRESH START, a Rome Plow Landclearing operation in Eastern War Zone “C”, conducted by the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Feb. 70 to Apr 70.

 For the commander:

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1 US Military Academy

1 CO, 11th ACR

1 XO, 11TH ACR

3 CO, 28TH MHD, 11TH ACR

DECLASSFIED PER EXECUTIVE ORDER 12356, Section 3.3 873541.

 By R.B: /M.I.       NARA,  Date 12-2-93.


a.                  OPORD 1-70  (Operation Fresh Start); SITREPS; INTSUMS; FRACOS to OPORD 1-70; S-3 Daily Journal Log.

 b.                  Interviews with involved personnel; Commanders Notes and Analysis.


 a.  Operation Fresh Start.

 b.  Rome Plow land  - clearing operations to destroy enemy lines of communication in Eastern War Zone  “C”.

3. DATES OF OPERATION: 29 Jan.  70 to Aprl. 70.

4.LOCATION:  Eastern War Zone “C”, Reference Map Series L7014, sheet numbers 6231  (I &IV) and 6232  (I-IV), TAY NINH sheets of TAY NINH Province, Republic of Viet Nam.

5.CONTROL HEADQUARTES: Regimental Headquarters, QUAN LOI, Viet Nam.

6.TASK ORGANIZATIONAL OUTLINE: Below is initial task organization; see Inclousure 1 for subsequent changes.

 TF 1/11 ACR (-)                        TF 2/11 ACR                        TF 2-7 Cav (-)                        Regt Con

 A Trp                                                E Trp                                                2 Cos                                                ACT

B Trp                                                F Trp                                                C Trp, 1/11                                    919 Engr (-)

 M Co                                                G Trp                                                B/2_19 Arty (DS)

 1 Co, 2_7 Cav (OPCON)            H Co                                                105mm

 501u6 LCC   (DS)                        1 00 2-7 Cav (OPCON

 How/1/11                                    984th LCC (DS)

 Plt 919Engr (OPCON)            How/2/11

              Plt 919th Engr (OPCON)

 TF 3/11 ACR (-)

I Trp

K Trp

L Trp

B Co/2-5 Cav (OPCON)

Plt 919th Engr (OPCON)


 a. The first penetration of Eastern War Zone “C” in November 1969 is described in detail in the following Combat After Action Interview Reports;

Operation TEXAS TRAVELER, F Troop Action, B and F Troop Contact, Second

Squadron Contact 20 Jan, Attempted Ambush near AP THANG PHUNG 21 Jan, ORLL’s

 Dec ’69 – Feb 70


a.    ENEMY STRATEGY: Since the death of Ho Chi Minh, the COSVN divisional forces worked basically to protect logistical routes and disrupt Vietnamization programs. It is not known whether this tactical change is a result of strategic implementation of “COSVN Resolution 9” by the Leo Dong, or the practical reality of heavy losses with few replacements, or if one caused the other, or both.

             COSVN Resolution 9, as the Allied intelligence forces know it states means by which the VC/NVA hope to achieve total victory. It states that VC/NVA are to strive for American troop withdrawals, liberation of rural areas, destruction of RVN pacification teams, and the upgrading of the Provincial Revolutionary Government (PRG). For those purposes, the resolution states that an all-out attack strategy prevails. Engineer troops, sapper and armed reconnaissance teams and secret gorillas are to be used widely in tactical operations. Recent relocation of three main force Regiments from III Corps to IV Corps underlines their interests in the Delta. Present attempts at sapper training for sub-regional forces and an emphasis on resupplying them indicate the implementation of Resolution 9.

 b.  ENEMY TACTICS: The VC/NVA are now emphasizing economy-of-force measures, such as sapper probes, attack by fire and heavy mining of our communication lines, instead of large scale contacts.

           In November 1969, main force enemy units avoided contact with the 11th ACR. Local force units mined LOC’s, attacked by fire, and sent small probes against RF/FF outposts. Mining incidents increased in December. Elements of the NVA 7th Division made contact in relocating from northwestern PHUOC Long Province to reoccupy areas north and went to LOC NINH. The 1/1st and 209th NVA Regiments of that Division remained along the northern periphery of BINH LONG and PHOUC LONG. They participated in the Corps-wide high point of 20-21 January. Other enemy unit identifications were Binh Long Provincial Force (D368 Local Battalion. Hon Quan and Loc Ninh Armed Forces and the IncLoc Administration) and specialized units, 225 Engineer Battalion, COSVN; the D 170th Independent Battalion, COSVN order security regiment, elements of the 50th and 70th Rear Services Groups, and a rear service element of the 69th Artillery Command.

 c.                  JANUARY ENEMY SITUATION: Enemy forces in the 11th ACR TAO retained several option in January. They could launch sapper attacks, multi-battalion attacks, attack province and district capitals or increase their attacks by fire. They could harass installations, ambush and/or mine our roads, or avoid contact by withdrawing into Cambodia to escape Allied operations.

When in concentrated forces, the enemy remained vulnerable. Their supply system remained vulnerable to the Rome Plow and reconnaissance operations, while interdiction was their greatest hazard.

In Western Military Region 10, the week of 20-26 January had 21 attacks by fire, 26 mine incidents, 13 ground-to-air firings 5 attacked ambushes.

The relocation of the 7th NVA Division from Cambodia sanctuaries into the northern portion of the AO accounted for much of the activity. While their plans were unknown, it appeared that economy-of –force operations would prevail in February. This pattern was also followed throughout III Corps. In War Zone C, enemy forces continued to maintain pressure on fire support bases with attacks by fire. Although the 9th VC Division avoided contact during the wee, there were indications of ground and sapper probes in February.

            The 1/1st NVA Regiment was identified by documents captured on 21 Jan by B/1/11 eight Kilometers out of Loc Ninh. Elements of the K22 Heavy Weapons battalion, 7th NVA Division and the 24th Anti-Aircraft Battalion, as well as the K4 Battalion of the 165th NVA Division were also tentatively identified. The C22 transportation Company and K1 Battalion, 1/1st Regiment were last identified in contact on 27 Dec 1969 NNW of Loc Ninh.

            Documents taken from an NVA killed by G/2/11 on 23 Jan, three kilometers south of FSB Ruth identified the C3 Company, K7 Battalion, 209th NVA Regiment.

 9.  EXECUTION OF OPERATION: Operation FRESH START moved the Second Squadron to Eastern War Zone C to conduct Rome Plow operations, which would fix and destroy enemy forces there. The operational concept was for third Squadron to assume tactical control of the 984th Land Clearing Company. On 15 Feb 70 and escort them to positions near FSB Jan. The 984th LC Company would Rome Plow east to FSB Jan along Route 246. On 18 Feb, Second Squadron would assume tactical control of the 984th LCC and move thru the Third Squadron area of operations and begin the Rome Plow cuts in War Zone C., At this time, First Squadron would commander the operational control of the Third Brigade. The Third Brigade assumed responsibility for the 11th ACR AO and missions.

             The First Squadron was given specific instructions to prepare to return to the 11th ACR control, to release control of 1 troop to 2-7 Cav, and to assume responsibility of one company of 2-7 Cav on 18 Feb 70. First Squadron was also to be prepared within capabilities to provide 1 LOH six hours daily to the Land Clearing Company.

Second Squadron was given the mission of sending one troop to secure the 984th LCC on 17 Feb 70 They were to prepare for the move into War Zone C and Rome Plow cuts by FSB Jan and the airstrip. The second Squadron assumed control of one company of 2-7 Cav. And secured the lines of communication from FSB Jan into War Zone C.

             Third Squadron was given the mission of meeting the 984th LCC at FSB Thunder III on 15 Feb 70 and escorting it to FSB Jan. The Third Squadron and the LCC would then conduct a 400 meter cut Rome Plow operation along Route 246 between FSB Jan and the edge of the rubber (near XT696862.)

           The emphasis and consequently the AO of the regiment shifted from North and Northwest of Quan Loi to an area South and East of that comp.  Third Squadron had been operating in the area around Tonle Cham since the abortive Texas Traveler operation into War Zone C.

            The bulk of the regiment had been to the north, Second Squadron had opened up a portion of QL 14 during November. Then for the second phase of Long Beach pushed on, with Rome Plows to Bu Dop, The First Squadron was located between the others, around Loc Ninh.

            Deployment changed near the end of January, when the First Squadron moved to Eastern War Zone C, and became OPCON to 1st Bde. 1st Air Cav. Div. Initially, the Squadron conducted Rome Plow cuts along the major roads and trails around Bo Duc. Within weeks, this was altered so that they and the attached Rome Plows were working  “tactical cuts” in an attempt to sever NVA supply lines.

             2/11 had pulled back from Bu Dop, and during the first weeks of Feb. had the same general area that 1/11 had had in January around Loc Ninh. Meanwhile, to the South, 3/11 was still around Tonle Cham until they shifted to Loc Ninh, about 19 February. The Second Squadron, in turn, went past the Third’s old AO, and into War Zone C. Second Squadron went Rome Plowing to the east of First Squadron, where they stayed until the Cambodia invasion.

            The Third Squadron stayed around Loc Ninh until mid-March, on reconnaissance and security duties, They were subjected to a great deal of enemy pressure, perhaps designed to make us reinforce them at the expense of the forces in War Zone C, and thusly take pressure from enemy supply lines. The enemy units further south desperately needed supplies at this time. Third Squadron was not reinforced but remained as an extra blocking force.

10.                           JANUARY OPERATIONS: First Squadron was ordered to begin its six-kilometer move from FSB Marge to FSB Dennis on the 16th, Actually, only B, C and HQ Troops, with the second platoon of the 919th Engineers, did so at that time, as the other company-sized units were controlled by other units:  (A Trp. to 1st Bde, 1sy Cavalry. D Co. to the 199th Lt. Inf. Bde.) This move was within the same operational area, and was a continuation of the same general activities as had been going on. On that day, a platoon of B Troop secured FSB Dennis, while the Engineer platoon constructed it. Two kilometers further west, the rest of B Troop “reconned “ the heavy jungle. Squadron Headquarters prepared to move on the following day, with a C Trp, Platoon for perimeter security, while still at FSB Marge. C Troop   (-), and the 196th Regional Forces Company reconncitered the area of rubber south of QL 14A.

 On the next day, B TRp (-) reconned within one kilometer of Dennis, while one of its platoons escorted two 8-inch guns from Marge to Quan Loi. Another accompanied Headquarters to Dennis. C Troop, with the 213th Reg. Forces Company, moved north to QL 14a to operate.

           The 18th of January, leaving a platoon to be LRRP and later secure Dennis, B Troop rumbled up QL 13 to reconnciter with the 294th Reg.F. Company north of QL 14A. Nearby to the Southwest C Troop pressed on thru the rubber, hunting the elusive enemy. Headquarters troop returned to Marge and continued closing it.

             B Troop pushed further north on the 19th. Its remaining platoon was attached and divided between two demanding tasks: guarding the resupply convoy from Dennis to Loc Ninh, and and securing the fire base. C Troop moved within three kilometers of Loc Ninh, while their other platoon remained at Marge with the HQ.

            On the Nixon Administrations First Anniversary, Headquarters Trp. Escorted the resupply convoy to Loc Ninh and back, which it did with some slight variations until the squadron got a new AO. Part of B Troop swept QL 13 from Marge north to the junction of QL 14A, and then again for about 12 kilometers south of Loc Ninh. C Troop moved 5 kilometers Northwest.

           The next day’s search was successful when C Troop crossed QL 13 by Ap Loc Ninh (1) to recon. As they crossed the Buoi Nuu, they came under fire from two NVA battalions. B Troop rushed up. After the bitter battle was over, we had traded 1 U.S. for 35 enemy killed in action. There were also 7 GIs wounded while two ACAVs and two M551 Sheridans lost. B and C Troops were supported by TAC Air, their Regimental Air Cavalry, and Blue Max helicopters.

             The day following, B Troop, with the 294th Reg. Force Co. moved to the north of the previous contact area, while C Troop maneuvered east of the area. Both were without contact.

            January 23 saw the two Troops shift south of QL 14A, with B Troop east of QL 13 near Ap Loc Thanh (2). One of the platoons secured QL 13 from FSB Dennis to the junction of LTL 17 and provided escort vehicles to An Loc runs, C Troop worked just south of B (-) with the 293rd Reg Force Co.

 B (-) moved around to their southwest with the 294th R.F., on the 24th.

 A B Troop platoon swept QL 13 for 12 kilometers south of Marge the next day. B (-) and C Troops combined their forces to recon an area six kilometers east of the QL 13 and QL 14A junction. At XUP10140, they engaged an enemy force, killing two NVA soldiers.

 Going a kilometer west from the contact of the day before, the two – Troop force made no contact.

 On 27 January, the Troops worked separate areas with B Troop 5 km. Northwest of Loc Ninh, and C Troop near Dennis with the 294th Reg. Force Company.

 In preparation for the 2/11th’s move from Bu Dop and the 1/11th’s from the area of operations, B Troop picked up the 196th RF Company and swept ten kilometers of QL14A. The units then established strong points to secure the road for a convoy of “low boys” to 2/11th ACR command point to pick up the Rome Plows. C Troop swept QL 13 to the south for about 10 kilometers.

 B Troop repeated the action of the 28th, and when the convoy taking the Rome Plows passed them, they moved south to FSB Thunder III. C Troop swept QL 13 from Marge to the south for 12 kilometers to XT18980. One C Troop platoon escorted two 155mm howitzers to FSB Marge, after which the remainder of the squadron CP began to move, When HQ elements, four 155mm’s and the 2/919th Engineers all reached Marge, the forces mentioned that were there joined them, and the Squadron moved south to Thunder III. The First Squadron did not move down QL 13 until after the Rome Plows had passed on their way south.

 The next day, the Second Squadron moved from Thunder III to FSB Carolyn and came under control of the 1st Brigade of the 1st Air Cav. Division.

            That same day, Second Squadron moved into the Loc Ninh area to begin ground reconnaissance operations, to continue into mid-February. Headquarters Troop H Company a platoon of the 919th Engineers, and the Howitzer battery closed FSB Wade at Loc Ninh, XU32086. NDP’s were established as follows, at varying distances from Loc Ninh: E Troop, 7 kilometers NE, F Troop 4 kilometers north, and G Troop 3 1/2 kilometers south of the town.

            Next day, the 30th, in the vicinity of XU9805136, E Troop made an FOB 5 kilometers west of Loc Ninh. At 1900 Hrs. an AB at XU822132 spotted six individuals who they engages with canister rounds. The following sweep produced a dead NVA, 3 SKS rifles, 7 NVA packs, a CCAM radio set, and some documents. There was also a trail of blood.

             F Troop conducted reconnaissance from 30 Jan. thru 4 Feb. in an area 5 to 9 kilometers north of Loc Ninh. At 2335 Hrs. on the 31st an XU77816 area LP took 2 RPG rounds. 1st Platoon charged the enemy positions to the west. The RRF also took 2 RPG’s. One US GI was wounded but there was no other damage. Enemy losses are unknown. With Dawn, they found 6 2’X4’ bunkers, 2 mortar positions, 4 82mm mortar rounds, a fuse cap for an 81mm round and some C-Rations.

            January 30, G Troop moved from an FOB 3 ½ km south of Loc Ninh to a new FOB at 688093, 5 km. West of the town. On the last of the month, after that day of maintainnencece, the Troop moved to Quan Loi and became OPCON to the 3rd Brigade of the 1st Cav. for several days.

 11.              FEBRUARY OPERATIONS: On January 30th, the 1st Squadron came under the operational control of the 1st Cav.’s 1st Brigade. LtC James Reed assumed command of the Squadron and led it on a road march from FSB Thunder III to XT277677. About eight kilometers from Nui Ba Den. During the march, they swept critical portions of the road from XT994547 to XT484469. For such a large sweep, the new commander used a new technique. LtC Reed took responsibility for the entire route, spacing two teams at the end of the area. At each end, one team started to sweep in, while the other went around to a point midway to the center, where it then started to sweep toward the center. When the outer teams had swept to the points where the inner ones began, they were airlifted to the center. From there they swept outwards until meeting the two teams from the halfway points. This was a reduction in time, and number of airlifts.

 Despite this faster sweep method, the movement was still a problem because of its size. This is shown by a reference from the radio log of the Squadron to HQ at 0650Hrs.” In the combat vehicle convoy, there will be 39 vehicles in the first serial, 20 in the second, 42 in the third, and 38 in the fourth serial.” Despite these problems, the movement had reached its destination by 1800hrs. (Note: HQ, Howitzer Battery, with the 501st Land Clearing Company (& Rome Plows). C Troop was at XT34449),

 The last day of the month was spent within the AO, securing the LCC, and in securing a LZ for the D/2/8th Cav., which became OPCON to 1/11th ACR.

             By 0745 hours., C Troop had left their NDP southwest of  Tay Ninh, and were heading for Christine. A Troop, which had spent the night at that base, moved southwest to support an ARVN contact at XT2281. B Troop secured the Rome Plows as they began to cut. Late in the afternoon, the Squadron CP, Howitzer Battery, Headquarters Troop, A Troop, and Rome Plows were at Christine. B Troop and M Company were to the northwest at XT324884.

            Leading off the new month, the Squadron secured the 501st LCC while they worked along TL4. B troop went north and west to recon the area four to five kilometers away. That night, they stayed in the same area that they had the night before.. At 820hours M Company left their NDP at XT916885 to pick up the convoy at Christine, with a damageless mine-hit enroute. The convoy force departed for Carolyn, at 0936hrs. reaching it in about an hour., and then moving south toXT279680, where they met the convoy at 1340hours. The convoy reached Christine at about 1700hours. During the day A Troop remained at the FSB for maintenance.

The second platoon of M Company escorted 2 eight-inch howitzers to Christine from St. Barbara the next day, while the remainder of the Company operated near Ka Tum. At 1230, one of their tanks was destroyed by a mine, but without human casualties. Easterly they found a recent trail used within 24 hours. The Rome Plows continued to work along TL4 north of Christine, secured by A Troop. B Troop reconned the area southwest and west of Ka Tum. At XT198853, the enemy had set up anti-aircraft emplacements, from which they engaged a number of helicopters. That area was shelled with unknown results, by the organic artillery.

 The Squadron’s situation continued without major incident for the next four days, up to the 7th when b-52 strikes were called in on suspected enemy positions. A Troop, along with B/2/7 and D/2/8 had to de lay there operations until two b52 strikes were completed within the area. A Troop, D/2/8, and Rome Plows moved south of Ka Tum, across highway 246, to an area about 5 kilometers east of Ka Tum. In the afternoon, this element began cutting into an area of bunker complexes. At 1550hours, they received RPG and small arms fire. They returned the fire and were supported by artillery and Blue Max. At 1745 the fighting ended with 14 NVA known dead. US wounded included 9 Medevaced out of 16. B Troop moved to the contact from Ronda (XT76864) to help secure the Rome Plows and act as a blocking force at XT411868, without contact. M Company worked with B/2/6 in reconning the bunker area near Ronda, but also made no contact. (see after-action interview report.)

 Team A, on 8 Feb (A Troop and 2/2/8 moved from the NDP XT88887 into the bunker complex where the contact of the 7th occurred. A 1st Cav tracker team aided them, but unsuccessfully. Before twilight, they moved to the south to XT39849 and a new NDP, setting an ambush near Bu Dop that night. Team B provided security for the Rome Plow Company in their move from Ronda to FSB Eric (XT408440), assisting in building and securing the new base. M Company moved north from their NDP to pick up the Rome Plow that was damaged by the RPG fire on the day before and hauled it to leave it at Ronda. The tanks continued to Christine, where they became the base’s ready reaction force. 2/919th Engineers swept the roads from Christine to Ronda, finding 4 mines.

 Everything went smoothly, with unchanged missions on the ninth. The Engineers swept north from Christine, and then on 246 from Ka Tum to Ronda. A Troop reconnoitered-about 5 kilometers north of Bu Dop, while B Troop secured the Rome Plows.

 There was no enemy contact on the tenth, either. Most significant was the move of the CP to FSB Cindy (XT82815) which took almost 4 hours from 1010 to 1355 hours. A Troop and A/2/8 continued to the north of Ronda, returning to NDP at XT394849, east of Bu Dop.

 A Troop left their NDP at 705 to set up strong points along the road from Ka Tum to Carolyn, in order to secure the 1st Brigade’s convoy. B Troop secured the Rome Plows on 246, to the southwest of Eric. A/2/8 reconned to the southwest of Eric, but made no contact, while M Company moved Northwest of Cindy for the same purpose. 2/919 swept from Ronda to Beverly. During the day, an m-88 from headquarters trp. hit a mine atXT371864, and became a combat loss, but without causalities.

 During the twelfth, A Troop was contactless in a sweep reconning the dense jungle northeast of Ronda. B Troop secured the Plows as they pushed south near FSB Ted, which the 2/919 spent the day building. Later the 1st Bde. Radioed that Eric was to be used “on an active basis” which meant that B Troop would return to Eric rather than stay there. The plows were directed to cut in this triangular area for only 2 to 3 more days. M Company reconned south of Cindy, where they found old trench lines and bunkers near the FSB and destroyed them. The Headquarters ACAVs were returning from their water point to Christine when they spotted an NVA, who jumped into a bomb crater to hide. He was captured by the Squadron Commander who landed his helicopter and captured him.

 Friday the thirteenth was much more innocent than its reputation, being without contact and continuing the missions for the previous day. A Troop reconned northwest of Ronda, B Troop secured the plows south of Ted, and M Company operated around Cindy.

 The next day, A Troop reconned in the northern part of the AO, B Troop secured the Rome Plows cutting on route 246, M Company reconned north of Cindy. There not being even a contact, St, Valentines day was massacreless. C Troop however had a sharp engagement in which they lost several dead and hit, (probably the headquarters detachments) of the 272nd VC regiment, with a platoon of M Company. This story is told in the Combat After Action Report. There were seven dead and 27 wounded.

 On the 15th C Troop, and C/2/8 swept through the battle area, noting a total of 45 enemy dead and the stripping of the abandoned tanks. The rest of M Company stayed in Cindy and overhauled their vehicles, while a platoon secured the water points. A Troop left Cindy in the morning for Carolyn, where they went OPCON to 2/8 Cav. One of their vehicles hit a mine at XT96830, wounding two.

 The following day, M Company reconned southwest of Cindy and B Troop secured the Rome Plows near Ted. Late in the afternoon 2/919 Engineers and the H Company platoon again swept the area, finding many items and with an M-48 tank and a M551 Sheridan hitting mines. There were no casualties and little damage.

           At 0025 the radar at Cindy picked up movement, located at 250 meters from the perimeter, and heading in the direction of 3190 mills. The “dusters” fired into the area, and the movement ceased. 1st Brigade radioed at 0610 to ensure that the First Squadron remove all vehicles to prevent the use of them for propaganda purposes. 2/919 left at 0830 to sweep north again for mines. B Troop, with the plows went on cutting to the southwards of Cindy with the Rome Plows. M Company remained in Cindy as a reserve action force.

             On the 18th, B Troop and the 501st Land Clearing Company went on cutting south of Cindy. They proceeded from XT83756 to XT382780, and stayed that night at FSB Sara (XT 386755) which was nearby. To the north, HHT and the Engineers secured Cindy. M Company spent the day sweeping 246 for the three or four kilometers east of Bu Dop, and then set up screens down the road. Where 246 crosses Suoi Ngo, the culvert was damaged and the 1/11 required more equipment to repair it. They radioed for an airborne bulldozer to help repair it, and were on the phone again at noon to request help on disarming a 500-pound dud bomb from an EOD team. At this point the Squadron was returned to the 11th ACR’s control from 1st Bde.1st Cav. control.

            At 0822 the next morning, some tracks from Headquarters troop had to secure the erdalator the convoy was ambushed when only a few kilometers north of the FSB. They were hit with two RPG’s, 4 mortar rounds, and some 51 caliber machinegun fire. One ACAV was hit, with two wounded, who were the medevaced to Tay Ninh. The convoy then continued on to the erdalator site near Bu Dop. They returned to Cindy, that night and joined M Company, which had remained there. Meanwhile, the Engineer platoon had swept their way along the road to Bu Dop, and about 3 km. Further northwest on 246. As B Troop secured the Rome Plow forces, they cleared 310 acres of jungle and returned to Sara for the night. During the day, a message was received about the bulldozer, and said that it would not come that day.

            It did come the next day however, and, while M Company remained with Cindy, one of the platoons went with the 2/919th Engineers to replace the damaged culvert at the junction of 246 and Suoi Ngo. They went thru, to a point about three kilometers east and south of Bu Dop, when a T46 mine in the Rome Plow cut east of the road demolished a tank tread, but without human injury. At 0838, an Engineer ACAV hit another T46, which wounded a GI, and made the ACAV a total loss. Upon reaching the place, the engineers rapidly worked to install the new culverts. They radioed back at 1209 that the first section was in, and the second was to be finished soon. Instead of forming an NDP nearby the party returned to Cindy after completion of the task, since the Squadron had decided to place H & I fire on the point. B Troop and the Rome Plows continued to erase jungle along the Mustang. At 1800, they reported from the NDP at Sara that they had cleared 100 acres. 1st Cavalry Divisional G-3 told the Regimental S-3 at 2050 that “C Troop will recon from St Barbara to Carolyn on 21 February. Upon reaching Carolyn it will become OPCON to 1/11th ACR”

            21 February: The platoon of Engineers working with the M Company plt. Swept north from Cindy along the Mustang Trail to 246, and returned from there for the night. B Troop, still securing the plows, spotted some movement to the west, which they engaged with artillery, but without any positive result. They cut 102 acres before returning to Sara. Headquarters Trp. lost an M578 to a mine. The ACAV’s were moving to secure the erdalator, at which point it hit a 23-pounder., but without casualties. Finally, at Cindy at 1600 hrs., C Troop returned to 11th ACR OPCON. They began some much needed maintenance.

             On Washington’s birthday, a platoon of M Company secured the 2/919 Engineers as they swept eastward on highway 246 from Bu Dop, 8 kilometers to the Suoi Ngo. At XT409841, at 1310, they discovered a north-south enemy trail. It had been used by 4 to 6 people, about 15 hours earlier, but there was no one there at this time. B Troop guarded the plows, which cleared 131 acres, before retiring to Sara for the night. C Troop at Cindy would continue maintenance. At 0920, the CP received word that A Troop would continue to be OPCON to 1st Cav’s 1st Bde for three more days, since they were needed as convoy escorts to Ka Tum. At 1540 hours the calm was broken by incoming, as the CP received 4 rounds of 60mm mortar fire within the perimeter. There were no casualties. That evening, M Company, C Troop, Headquarters Troop and 2/919th were at Cindy. About 2207 hours, 1/11th was told that they would secure 8-in. howitzers from Cindy to the 1st Brigade boundary, “ Time and coordination to be announced.”

            Following that, the units kept up their particular patterns of previous days. B Troop with the Rome Plows, 27 of which were working near Sara and to the south cutting 155 acres. 2/919, with a platoon of M Co. swept the same 8 kilometers east of Bu Dop, while C Troop worked on the vehicles at Cindy. Later in the day, 1st Bde announced the “ Time and Coordination for escorting the 8-inch guns through the AO to their own AO – 0800 next morning. At 2230, 1st Cav. Divisional G-3 radioed that the squadron would make tactical cuts to the north. 1/11 also tried to obtain a dump truck and a front end loader to aid them in crossing three streams. The Regiment tried to obtain them, calling, among others IIFF and the 1st Cav as well as well as more normal sources, but without avail. Then with the issue unsettled, 1st Cav cancelled the movement from Cindy.

           In the morning, B Troop and the Rome Plows moved from Sara to the north at XT415835. From this new base along highway 246, the plows were to make tactical cuts north of the route, severing the enemy LOC. In the move, a B Troop sheridan hit a 40-pound mine with serious damage to itself. C Troop remained at Cindy for part of the day, but before twilight moved into the same general location. From their XT442818 location, they set out an ambush location near where highway 246 crosses Suoi Ngo. This crossing had been blown up during the night, with enemy propaganda leaflets left in the area. It was passable for tracks, but not for wheeled vehicles.

             During the 25th, the Rome Plows and B Troop had done 203 acres north of highway 246. They set up an NDP about 7 kilometers east of Cindy, near the highway. During the day, an ACAV without belly armor hit a mine, and one man was killed. C Troop worked nearby, but to the east, and their NDP was two kilometers from the culvert crossing. The engineers had worked thru the day to repair it, but spent the night at Cindy. M Company and HHT were also at Cindy during the night.

            Action began early on the 26th, at XT415837. One of B Troop’s platoons was returning to the troop NDP when they were attacked by an enemy unit of unknown size. They received two RPG’s and a hail of small arms fire, with an ACAV destroyed (no casualties). The NVA lost 4 killed. B Troop reacted and had two wounded. At XT405843, 0905 hours the earlier contact was resumed when an LOW took ground to air fire. M Company linked up with B Troop to maneuver against the enemy. The two units were supported by artillery, and the latter by a CS gas drop over the enemy positions. As they pushed to the northwest, the units received mortar and small arms fire, and still later they were hit by an unknown number of 120mm mortars, killing one and wounding four. Altho they engaged the enemy with their organic weapons and artillery, the results are unknown. During the maneuvering, M Company discovered 300 pounds of rice, and at XT86835, they discovered two bunkers, a fighting position, and 250 pounds of rice. During the remainder of the day, M Company screened highway 246. That night they NDPed at near Bo Tuc. B Troop continued to secure the Rome Plows as they did 75 acres north of 246. C troop swept around secured 246 east of Bo Tuc for 7 kilometers. They caught one mine and found another the hard way when it destroyed an ACAV, but without human causalities. They spent the night near their NDP of the night before. A Troop returned to the control of 1/11 at 0617 hours and moved to Bo Tuc to support the contact of the two units. Soon after they arrived in the “hot” area they found 2000 lbs. of rice. Precisely at noon, they received 12 round of 122mm rocket fire and some small arms fire at XT818655. They were supported by artillery with unknown results, and returned to Cindy that night. Headquarters Troop was traveling north, as usual to secure the erdalator, when an ACAV hit a mine, a T46 at XT382820. As this happened, they received small arms fire from the roadside. At 1150, in the same location, they took a number of RPG’s and, once again, small arms fire. One man was wounded. They returned to Cindy that night.

             On the following day, Headquarters Troop did the same erdalator security job, but without contact. Most of A Troop stayed at Cindy for maintenance, and to act as the ready reaction force, one of their platoons, however, went north on the trail to 246. About a kilometer south of Bo Tuc, an ACAV hit a mine,. But with belly armor, there was only moderate damage and no causalities. B Troop secured the Plows as they cut, about eight kilometers north of highway 246, The Rome Plows cut 133 acres and then proceeded to Sharon XT462861 for the night. During the day, they had found and destroyed 25 bunkers measuring 6x6x6 with 2 ft. of overhead cover. C Troop reconned the area to the east of B Troop’s location, and then spent the night at XT439859. M Company worked west of Bo Tuc and NDP east of the town and a few “klicks” from Sharon. An hour before midnight, they took some short rounds inside their perimeter, killing one and wounding 9. By 2325 hrs., they had moved to Sharon to set up with B Troop.

           28 February: B Troop continued with the land clearing north of 246, managing to cut 126 acres wit 29 operational plows, C Troop reconned north of the cut, establishing an NDP near B Troop and sending out 2 patrols and an automatic ambush. A Troop sent a platoon to sweep a portion of the road from Cindy, and moved to Bangal Bridge XT463818 with the 2/919. At the bridge they exchanged them for the 3rd platoon of the engineers, and returned to Sara. Most significant of the day’s actions was the return of the command post from Sara to Cindy. Headquarters and the howitzers were emplaced there by 1445 hours. M Company was hit in the night by an 82mm mortar round in the NDP at XT400845. One GI was killed, and five were hurt. 

While all this was happening, the Second Squadron was not slacking. On February 5th, E Troop moved to a new FOB at XU724127, 3 kilometers north of Loc Ninh, to conduct further ground reconnaissance. This was done with out incident until the 9th, when an ACAV hit a mine. ACAV #26 hit a 23-pound mine, becoming a combat loss, but without human injury. The following day E Troop picked up the 294th Regional Force Company at Loc Ninh, which escorted to an area 6 kilometers southwest of the city. E Troop remained there as a reserve reaction force while the RF’s reconned. Afterward E Troop escorted them back to the city. On Feb. At XU699130, E Troop did covered a battalion-sized base camp of between 25 and 30 L-shaped bunkers, which had not been in recent use. From the 14 to the 17th, they conducted further reconnaissance to the north and northwest of Loc Ninh, without contacts. On the 18th, E Troop moved to FSB Liz, at XU726020 to prepare for the Second Squadron’s move to War Zone C.

        On 5 February, F Troop moved to Quan Loi, becoming OPCON to the 3rd Brigade of the 1st Cavalry, which lasted until 8 February. Joining their proper Squadron, they moved to FSB Thunder IV, picked up a convoy of KIT and moved on to FSB Wade. From there, they moved to an area 8-12 “klicks” north of Loc Ninh, where they reconned until the 17th. There was no significant enemy activity. On the 17th, they moved southwest and established an FOB at XU676158, approximately 7 kilometers west of Loc Ninh. The following day F Troop picked up a Regional Forces Company at an LZ at the same place. They then moved to an area 10 km. Northwest of the city. They conducted combined operations at a bunker complex XU743157. F Troop left alone and continued to an area 5 kilometers northwest of Loc Ninh, where they established an FOB.

            Operational control of G Troop was returned to the Squadron on the 5 February. They then moved from Quan Loi to FSB Thunder IV to await the passage of F Troop. They then moved along QL13 and QL14A to a link-up at XU819145 with B/1/5 who became OPCON to it. From the 5th to the 7th, they operated together reconning the area 8 kilometers northeast of Loc Ninh. On the eighth of February, B/1/5 was released OPCON t the 3rd Brigade of the 1st Cavalry Division. G Troop established an FOB at XU759141, 4 ½ km. from Loc Ninh to the Southwest. On the 10th, G Troop reconned with the 196th Regional Force Company in a large area 7-10 kilometers north of the city. The Troop spent the next day in the same area alone, and spent the day after in maintenance at FOB at XU759141. On the 13th, G Troop moved to Eunice, where it became OPCON to the 3rd Brigade of the 1st Cavalry. In the afternoon of the 15th, G Troop returned to the Second Squadron and moved to FSB Wade. The following day, one of their platoons, and a Civilian Irregular Defense Group platoon swept QL13, from Loc Ninh to XU722994, while G(-) was at Wade as RRF. On the 17th, G Troop escorted 3 of the 105mm howitzers to XU757170, 5 kilometers northeast of Wade. The 105s were left with A/2/5, and G Troop moved on to FSB Liz. On the following day, they proceeded to FSB Jan, where they picked up B/2/7. The troop then moved on to a new FOB at XU550844 and secured the 984th Land Clearing Company that night.

             H Company was located at FSB Wade from 29 January thru 15 February. During this period, they secured and functioned as a reaction force while one platoon secured the road sweep of the 919th Engineers daily from Loc Ninh to XT723995. H Company reconned the Loc Ninh area several times, without significant results. On the 16th H Company accepted 2 platoons from C/2/5, and conducted ground reconnaissance from nine to twelve kilometers to the northeast of Loc Ninh. At XU 815200, they found and destroyed eleven 5x8 foot bunkers built under hootches, three 3x5 foot bunkers with overhead cover, and two cooking positions. That night, H Company and C/2/5 stayed at FOB 774170, seven kilometers out of Loc Ninh. The Company returned to the city on the 17tg, and spent the following day conducting ground reconnaissance. From

           From 29 January thru 18 January, HHT/2/11 was located at Wade. In this period, they secured engineer road sweeps, constructed and repaired culverts, and conducted ICAPS in the Loc Ninh District. The CAPS treated about 600 people in the district’s villages.

 On the 19th of February, the Second Squadron moved to a new AO, in northeastern Tay Ninh Province. E Troop acted as the advance guard party for the move, and stationed groups along the QL 13 and Ton Le Chon road. At 0809, E Troop discovered a T46 mine in the center of the road at 719985. The 23 pound CC mine had 48 sticks of TNT under it as a booster, and it was evacuated. At 1700 hours, E Troop closed its NDP at 583853, about three kilometers northwest of fire base Marsha. The CP was at 599821.

 F Troop road-marched from the previous night’s FOB to FSB Jan at XU 759140. They closed Jan in the late afternoon, completing the move without incident. Team G, (consisting of G Troop, B/2/7, 984th Land Clearing Company) continued clearing along route 246, beginning at 580835 and proceeding west, at 1140, a Rome Plow hit a probable T46 mine, with moderate damage and a man received fragmentation wounds. The 984th had 22 plows, which cleared a 150 meter path for 2.9 kilometers. B/2/7 continued local patrols in the same area. Team G established an FOB at 555844. B/2/7 established NAPs in the vicinity of the FOB.

 H Company, Second Squadron HHT and the Howitzer Battery moved to FSB Marsha. The movement was without incident. The convoy closed Marsha at 1945 hours.

 On 20 February, E Troop conducted Maintenance until noon. The Troop then moved to establish an FOB in the vicinity of FSB Marsha, in preparation for a recon mission to the north the following day. At Marsha, E Troop received control of B/2/7 to form Team E. F Troop secured two 175s at Jan until they were removed. Afterwards, F Troop moved to a new FOB, approximately 2 kilometers northwest of Marsha, where they reconned without incident. Team G (G Troop and the 984th LCC) continued to Rome Plow along highway 246. The plows started at XT555844 and moved east, clearing 198 acres in a path from 110 to 160 meters in width. B/2/7 remained at the FOB until noon, and then proceeded to Marsha, when they became OPCON to E Troop. Team G returned to the FOB when land clearing operations were completed. H Company remained at Marsha, where it could serve as a ready reaction force. The Company spent the day on maintenance. HHT secured the 4/919th Engineer’s road sweep from Marsha to Jan. They also assisted the engineers in some projects at Marsha.

            At 0131 hours on 21 February, E Troop received fifteen 60mm mortar rounds from the southeast. 23 men were wounded, while only 5 were serious enough to be Medavaced.Team E reconned 10 kilometers to the northeast of Marsha and searched for future AP sites, They established an FOB at XT 542872. In the early morning hours several individuals were observed to the north and south of the FOB. E Troop engaged them, but received no return fire. Artillery was called in, with unknown results. The first platoon of F Troop swept Yon Le Con road from FSB Jan to link up point at 669871 with the 919th Engineers. The first platoon received new Rome Plows from L/3/11 and escorted them to Jan, where they linked up with the remainder of F Troop. F Troop then escorted the plows to Team G’s FOB at 555844. They then made an FOB at 583835 with AP’s in the vicinity. Team G continued clearing from their FOB to the west, along highway 246. By 1100, they had found six TM46 mines and a 30-pounder. Three of the TM46’s were evacuated, and the rest were blown in place. At 1319 a Rome Plow hit a 20-pound mine about 15 meters north of hiway 246. There were no casualties and the Rome Plow was only moderately damaged, The 984th Land Clearing Company did 158 acres during the day. Team G established FOB again at 555844. One platoon of H Company secure the road sweep of the 4/919th Engineers from Marsha to Jan. H (-) remained as a reaction force at Marsha. HHT secured the convoy from the airstrip at Jan to Marsha.

 On the 22nd of February, E Troop AP at 544867 commencednced a man minute at 0535 hours, after which they received AK47 fire. Movement continued and another mad minute at 0604 resulted in some return fire. The area was swept at 0858, with 1 dead NVA soldier, 1 AK-47, 49 pounds of rice, a bag of medicines and some documents found. The team reconned northwest of Marsha thruout the day. At 1805 hours, while attempting an insert an AP, an M113 hit a TM46 mine at 545872. 2 men were wounded, and the ACAV was a combat loss. They received small arms fire from the southwest and engaged it with organic weapons. After the brief contact, an M%%! Hit a TM46 mine while sweeping the area. Tho without casualties, the Sheridan was a combat loss. That night, team E established an FOB at 546880, approximately 7 kilometers northwest of Marsha. F Troop closed a new NDP at 515816, 8 km. northwest of Marsha, and reconned thruout the area. At 1755 hours, F Troop received three RPG rounds plus small arms fire. One M551 was a combat loss to an RPG. Of five men wounded, three were evacuated. That nite, F Troop established an FOB at 516816, seven kilometers west of Marsha. Team G continued to clear areas along hiway 246. About 0745 a Rome Plow hit a TM 46 pressure-detonated mine 50 meters north of the hiway, at 539840, with light damage and no casualties. The ACAV was a combat loss, however when fifteen minutes later, it hit another mine of the same type 25 meters from 246. Because of the vehicles belly armor there were no casualties. The team had cut 100 acres during the day, and NDPed at the same place as before. A platoon of H Company, the first secured the road sweep between Marsha and Jan. H(*) moved to team G’s Area of operations and FOB where they picked up a Rome Plow convoy and escorted it to Marsha, then returned to Jan. HHT escorted resupply convoys from the airstrip at Jan to Marsha.

 On the next day, Team E, while reconning 7 km. west of Marsha came upon a bunker complex at 547885. A search of the area produced a 9mm pistol with belt, and M14 Bayonet, 1000 pounds of rice, 200 lbs. Of salt, a grenade of Chinese Communist manufacture, a similar anti-tank grenade, a map, and some documents. The food was destroyed, and the weapons evacuated. At 542872, B/2/7 had an AA detonate at about 1100 hours. The results were 2 NVA killed with an AK47 and a ChiCom grenade captured. Late in the afternoon, Team E returned to the FOB at 546880. F Troop swept about 5 kilometers of hiway 246 and reconned thru an area about eight kilometers west of Marsha. An FOB was established at 515816 with AAs. Team G Continued Land Clearing along the hiway with a cut of 170 acres, in a path 200 meters wide. At about 0900 hours, a crane hit a TM46 mine in the G Team FOB. One man was injured, and the three-ton vehicles was moderately damaged. One H Company platoon secured an engineer sweep along the hiway, while the rest of it stayed at Marsha as a Reaction Force. HHT swept the hiway from Marsha to Jake and escorted supply convoys from the airstrip at Jake to Marsha. H Co. and HHT NDP’d at Marsha.

             During the early hours of 24 February there was two sightings of enemy movements around the FOB of E Troop at 546880. E Troop engaged the enemy with no results. While on recon, E Troop found a flashlight with a map inside it. The map depicted a 5 block section of the city of Hue. E Troop established a new FOB at 540880 with APs along existing trails. B/2/7 was no longer OPCON to the squadron. *F(or B)*Troop secured FSB Diana 529798. F Troop swept 246 for approximately five kilometers. The troop conducted recons to the south and west of the FOB without significant findings. Team G continued to Rome Plow along hiway 246. At 1510 hours, near 535882, a plow received an RPG round while crossing a bunker complex. During the ensuing light contact, A GI and an ARVN were wounded, the Plow had moderate damage. One NVA was killed and three others were hurt. Team G cleared 141 acres along hiway 246 at a width of 140 meters. That night Team G closed their FOB at 555843. One H Company platoon secured an engineer sweep. Another platoon escorted dusters from Jan to Marsha. H Co. NDPd at Marsha. HHT swept from Marsha to Jan. receiving sniper fire 100 meters northwest of Jan, at 623815. There was no US hurt.

            On the following day, E Troop reconned southwest of team G’s FOB at 540880. In the late morning at 535880, they discovered a complex of sixty to seventy bunkers with 2 US and 2 NVA helmets, an NVA field jacket, a canteen and a frag grenade. There were some documents which tentatively identified th 166 Rear Services Group, Artillery Command, COSVN 85th Rear Service Group; 273rd Regiment; 95th C Regiment; and C/62/307 Infiltration Group. 539877 was their FOB. F Troop swept 2 kilometers to the west to hiway 244. In the early afternoon, at 507802, they discovered 30 bunkers which contained three 60mm rounds, 50 pounds of rice, medical supplies and documents. The troop continued to recon the area for the remainder of the afternoon, and later established an FOB at 515816. Team G continued land clearing, with 174 acres cut during the day. At 535880, the LCC destroyed seventyone 2x4 bunkers, 42 12x8ft bunkers, and fourteen 6x8-foot bunkers, all of which had overhead cover. They also destroyed 35 fighting positions and NDPed at 555844. Again one platoon of H Company secured the Engineer sweep. H (-) remained at Marsha as a ready reaction force. HHT once again swept 246 from Marsha to Jan. and escorted supply convoys back.

            26 February found E Troop reconning the area seven kilometers west of Marsha, and making an FOB at 539877. At 1745 hours, E Troop spotted an unknown sized enemy force, outside the FOB, and immediately engaged them. Supporting artillery, LFT, and a Pink Team were in contact. There were no US casualties in the action, which resulted in 4 NVA dead, an SKS, and an AK47 captured. Documents found identified them as the fifth battalion of the 165th Regiment. At 1040 hours, F Troop’s NDP got incoming 60mm from the north (9 of them). The rounds landed outside the perimeter without causing any damage. F Troop swept about 8 kilometers of hiway 246 from 530833 to 463818. At 1500 hours, near 501819, an ACAV hi a T46 mine on the left side of the road. With belly armor, the Mi55 was moderately damaged, with 2 wounded. About an hour later, in the same area, another ACAV hit another T46 without casualties, but including heavy damage to the M113. Am area sweep produced three 121 pound ChiCom antipersonnel and anti-tank mines. This was the first time that this type of mine had been found in the 11th Cav AO/. F Troop established an FOB at502815. H Company and HHT both followed their routines, and spent the night at Marsha.

             Next day, a platoon of E Troop reconned near the FOB while E (_) did maintenance at the FOB. That evening, the FOB was moved 200 meters to the southwest, to 538867. F Troop swept 6 kilometers of 246 from 518820 to 463818. The day was uneventful. That night, the troop established an FOB at 499816. Team G cleared 140 acres along the hiway. The team NDP’d at 555844. H Company and HHT spent routine days.

            On the last of the month, at 0202, while securing the NDP, E Troop had an AA detonate by unknown enemy at 539877. They reconned with 81mm mortar fire. While sweeping th area at first light, they found 6 NVA killed, and one wounded as a prisoner of War. Captured were 5 AK47”s, an RPG2-launcher with 4 rounds, 6 ChiCom grenades, and twenty pounds of rice. E Troop reconned the area 7 km. Northwest of Marsha, making an FOB at 545880. F Troop swept and outposted 246 from 499820 to 463818. After Noon, while moving to the 520823 FOB F Troop received 4 RPG’s fired from a hundred meters west, without hits. Enemy losses are likewise, not known. They NDP’d at 518872, with Automatic Ambushes. Team G Cleared 141 acres along 246. At 1100, a Rome Plow detonated a 20-pound pressure mine, 15 meters north of 246 at 488820. An ARVN was wounded, while the plow had little damage. An H Company secured the usual 246 sweep of the Engineers. At 1311 hours, a 21-pound mine was blown in place 676862. HHT swept once more from Jan to Marsha, with convoys both ways. H Company and HHT, once again spent the night at Marsha. The month closed quietly.

 12.              Intelligence for February: From 9 February to the end of the month activity remained at a low level since enemy actions were light economy- of force measures. These were ambushes, attacks-by-fire, ground-to-air firings, and mining measures. The enemy appears to be receiving some replacements from North Viet Nam, and it is believed that the main force units are undergoing a period of resupply and refitting during the assimilation of the new arrivals. Enemy activity from the ninth in the 11th ACR tactical area of operations had been highlighted by 102 cases mining, five attacks-by-fire, and the 7th NVA Division’s intentions were unknown. The 141st and 209th NVA Regiments continued to maintain a presence along the border areas in Loc Ninh and Bo Tuc Districts. The 165th Regiment had been contacted moving south into War Zone C from the Fishhook. This deployment of the 165th possibly indicated that the 7th NVA Division will operate in a split configuration or intends to relocate from its traditional operations in Binh Long Province. The 9th VC Division had withdrawn northwards towards Cambodia from War Zone C. Its exact intentions are unknown, but reports tend to indicate that the two regiments may relocate to IV Corps.

             Documents captured by D/2/5 Cavalry when it was OPCON to 11th ACR identified the C71 Company, D368 Local Force battalion, C31 Local Force battalion, C31 Local Force Company of Loc Ninh District, and the LBN of Binh Long Province Party committee, east and northeast of Loc Ninh. On the 19th of the month, S3/2/11, flying a LOH, killed two soldiers and captured documents which indicated the C29 Flamethrower Company, 7th NVA Division and indicated that this unit may have recently been trained in the use of the B20- probably a new type of oversized 107mm rocket. Four days later, from a hand-drawn map, the 654 Depot, 50th Rear Service’s Group was identified. From the 24-to the 28th, Second Squadron, operating in Eastern War Zone C, identified elements of the 165th NVA Regiment. On th 24th and 25th documents were found identifying the K5 and K6 battalions. Documents captured the next two days confirmed the presence of these units.

            On the last of the month, documents from a POW and automatic-ambush identified the K28 Battalion, 212  B, and C1 and Ck, elements of the Division. Infiltration Group 312 is known to have supplied replacements to the 209th NVA Regiment of the same division.

            The 11th ACR continued Rome Plow operations, providing for the security and conducting armored recon missions into March. They encountered light and scattered enemy activity. The 7th NVA and 9th VC Divisions, and logistical elements of the 59th Bear Services Group appeared to be using natural terrain cover and concealment to conduct recon missions, resupply operations and to harass NDPs. The enemy relied heavily on economy of force measures such as on-and-off road mining, attacks by fire, ground to air firings, and attempted ambushes. From 18 February to 19 March the enemy focused his attention on the Bo-Tuc Mustang Trail area, whereas he had previously (18 Feb to 2 Mar) concentrated his supply efforts and recon missions from the Fishhook down along the Saigon-Michelin Corridor. In that corridor, elements of the 165th NVA Regiment, 50th BSG, and the 96th Artillery Group were contacted and identified. In War Zone C, later, the 95C Regiment fought three major battles. As of 19 March, the situation remained fluid. Main force enemy units remained in or near the Cambodian Border, receiving replacements, training and refitting. The possibility of a large redeployment made the enemy’s intentions and locations difficult to estimate. It is believed that the 95C NVA Regiment remained in the Bo Tuc area; the 165th Regiment near the Fishhook; and the 50th RSG along the Saigon – Michelin Corridor. These units, as well as COSVN and border security elements played a threat to 11 ACR and nearby allied units.

           On 19 February, the S3/3/Battalion was flying in a LOH, spotted and killed two NVA soldiers at XT513898. Documents from the bodies identified the C29 Flamethrower Company. 7th NVA Division, which was the first indication of that Divisions interest in War Zone C.

             On the 24th of February, the K5 Battalion, 165th Regiment was identified by documents captured at XT535882, and further pinned by documents captured the next day in the same area, and at XT507802.

 13.              March Operations. After the move of the First Squadron command Post south to Sara, the Rome Plow operations did likewise. However, two of the troops remained in the northern portion of the area of operations to recon and screen. While M Company and Headquarters Troop remained at Sara, B Troop and the Rome Plows moved down the Mustang trail to about six kilometers south of Sara and established a defensive perimeter atXT417692. A Troop, reconning north of Bo Tuc, found a large bunker complex containing over 100 bunkers, and the grave of three NVA soldiers, They also discovered six B40 rounds, four B40 boosters, 500 AK47 rounds, fourty .51 caliber rounds, thirty grenades, 22 pounds of rice, medical supplies, documents, four .82mm mortar rounds, and other miscellaneous equipment. In the early afternoon at XT394844, they found six grenade and one-hundred pounds of rice. At 2005, while on reconnaissance, they found a bicycle, four 82mm mortar rounds, two 57mm recoilless rifle rounds, and bunkers. C Troop, operating to the east of A Troop, hit a 23-pound mine causing negative casualties. That night, they set out 3ambush positions, with no results. To the south, near Sara, was set out an automatic ambush, near XT380760. At 1840 hours, while still emplacing the ambush, they were fired upon from the north. They quickly returned the fire and swept through the area. They found no enemy, but discovered a bunker complex with many cooking utensils scattered about! The Squadron also received word that D Company, which had been working with the 199th Lt. Inf. Bde. Was in Bien Hoa, and would become OPCON to the Squadron again at 1100 hours the next morning.

 On the second of March, B Troop secured the Rome Plows as they cut 224 acres in the area from Vickie to five kilometers to the south. At 1115 hours, at XT405571, the enemy fired at the Rome Plow drivers wounding two of the (Viet Namese) drivers. After the brief encounter, the plows continued to cut the jungle. About one kilometer south of B Troop, the 3/9/919th constructed a bridge at XT408675. Further north on the Mustang Trail, M Company escorted a convoy to Bo Tuc. Just north of Sara, they found a fresh trail running thru the bamboo. Later, at 0933 hours, two of their M48 tanks hit 20-pound mines. Despite heavy damage, there were no human casualties. Also near Sara, they found 2 bunkers measuring 4x6x3 feet, with eight inches of overhead cover at XT378763. To the west they discovered and destroyed an L-shaped bunker which seemed to have seen recent use. Both A and C Troops reconned in the portion for the Squadron’s AO. A Troop XT3687, 4187,4180, 3680. C Troop XT4385, 4785,4781,4381. In the early morning before these operations began, an ambush from C Troop was in heavy fighting. The enemy had slipped up on the position, and fired in B40 rockets and hand grenades. One GI was killed, and four wounded by fragmentation. By 0420, Red 23 (Cobra from the Air Cav Troop/11th ACR) was straffing the area into which the enemy probably withdrew. Artillery also pounded that area. A Trooper reported that one of the enemy spoke English. At first light, they swept the area, and found 5 B40 rounds, ten grenades, and a flashlight. At 1017 hours, while on a ground reconnaissance at XT406851 they found fiftyfour 60 60mm rounds, six 82mm rounds, a small amount of AK ammo, and one blood trail leading from the area. A Troop had no contact during the day, but found twelve pounds of NVA clothing, 100 rounds of AK47 ammo, and cooking utensils at XT393852.

             The patterns of the previous few days continued on March 3. A and C Troops screened and reconned the northeastern portion of the AO while the remainder of the units worked near Sara, or in B Troop’s case, south of there with the Rome Plows. A Troops assigned area was a rectangle with the following coordinated corners: XT3687, 4187, 4180, 3680. While in this area, they found a bunker complex at XT64836, containing many bunkers measuring 8x4ft. with one foot of overhead cover. Also in one of these enemy bunkers, A Troop found an old an unusable, .51 caliber Machine gun. Later, while reconning, they found the following: 850 rounds of ,51 caliber ammunition, 450 .30 caliber rounds, 21 rifle grenades, 1 T46 mine, One ChiCom Claymore, a .51 caliber site, bolt, guide and 2 feeders. 100 feet of commo wire, 4 ChiCom grenades, 2 bicycles, cooking utensils, and 20 pounds of clothing. Traveling northward (XT383824), one of the troop vehicles set off an anti-personnel mine, which caused no damage. About a half hour late, at 1930, an A Troop ambush position spotted three enemy at XT388833, and killed two of them. Also in this contact, were captured 2 AK47s and other miscellaneous equipment. To the east of A Trp. lay C Troop’s area, which was a triangular shaped plot from XT4784-4787-4184. The spent the day without contact. At night they set up two ambush positions at (XT442822, and XT417861) which they ringed with automatic ambushes at XT442822, 441822, 416819, 459819, and 420857, all without effect. To the south M Company secured Sara, pulled maintenance, and secured the erdalator. Still further south, along the Mustang Trail, B Trp. guarded the plows, which cut 178 acres with 28 operational plows. During the day, B Troop found a mine, which they blew in place. At night they set up two automatic ambushes, which had no results. At XT40876, the 3/919 continued to construct the bridge.

            A Troop reconned the following day within the following coordinates: XT3783, 4083, 3787, 4087, without contact At night, they emplaced three automatic ambushes in addition to two ambush positions. C Troop made a long southerly reconnaissance that wound from XT4784 west to 4484, and eventually, south to the 79 grid line. At 1320 hours, the Troop moved to XT4686, where a pink team had seen 6 NVA. In a ground recon of that area they found a large complex containing 40 bunkers with tunnels and trench systems. Some of them had been used as recently as one or two hours, by about ten men. In the bunkers were three B40 launchers, three ChiCom grenades, clothing, a bicycle, two B40 rounds, and documents. The bunkers were destroyed. One platoon from M Company escorted two 8-inch howitzers to Cindy, where they conducted an artillery raid in the northern part of the AO. The rest of the company stayed at Sara. D Company moved from Bien Hoa to Tay Ninh during the day. They spent the last few days on a maintenance standdown after their OPCON to the 199th LIB. The 3/919 spent the day constructing a bridge at XT396633 but returned to B Troop’s NDP at night. The Rome Plows, secured by B Troop, cut 125 acres and reached a position about eight kilometers south of Sara.

            5 March; (A or E) Troop maneuvered west of Bo Tuc in their search for the enemy from their area XT360840, 385908, 410883, 410840. At 1615 hours, they became OPCON to the 1st Bde, 1st Cavalry Division. C Troop worked in the area east of Bo Tuc (XT4184, 4187, 4784, 4787). At 1150 hours, in the jungle about 4 kilometers south of the Cambodian border at XT548862, they came upon enemy forces, well entrenched in bunkers. While C Troop maneuvered against them, the enemy responded with a hail of RPG’s and 60-mm mortars. Artillery, helicopters, and TAC jets all bombarded the area. One ACAV was heavily damaged by RPG fire and six troopers were wounded. After the fighting ended, 17 NVA dead were counted. That night, they formed their perimeter about 5 “klicks” east of Bo Tuc. They set out an ambush position and five automatic ambushes nearby. To the south, the Rome Plows with B Troop cleared 150 acres from XT406693 to 414634. In the afternoon, B Troop lost a Sheridan being towed by another vehicle, when it hit a pressure detonated mine. D Company evacuated downed vehicles from St. Barbara to Christine to Tay Ninh, and spent the night there. The engineers continued the bridgework at XT3996633, and M Company secured Sara during the day. At 1240 hours, at XT380770 the First Squadron C&C ship received ground-to-air fire. The helicopter sprayed the area, and artillery was called in, with unknown results.

            During the sixth, C Troop operated alone in the northern portion of the AO. (from XT4184, 4187, 4787, 4784). At 0945 hours on a recon mission, near XT415845 just north of hiway 246, they came upon a unit of the 3rd Battalion, 95C Regiment of the 9th VC Division. While the tracks of C Troop pushed toward the enemy, artillery, light fire teams, and TAC jets supported them. Two CS drops were also brought in to pry the tenacious enemy from their positions. By 1230 hours, the contact was over with the VC fleeing in an unknown direction. Leaving 3 killed in action, 17 by artillery, and 11 by helicopters for a total of 31 dead. C Troop had three wounded. When they swept thru area, an ACAV detonated a mine. But with belly armor there were no casualties and light damages. About three hours later in the same area, the entire scene was repeated with the same results. At 1750 hours at XT415843 two vehicles were heavily damaged by mines. One was a previously damaged ACAV, which was being towed when it hit a twenty pounder. At the same time and location, a Sheridan, which was towing a vehicle, hit another twenty-pounder. To the south, B Troop secured the Rome Plows, but it reacted when C Troop made contact and most of it assisted in sweeping the area. Meanwhile, one platoon stayed with the plows as they continued to cut 136 acres down to LTL13. Headquarters Troop had a small contact at XT390783 while securing the erdalator. The enemy used small arms fire and B40 rockets, while HHT countered with organic weapons, a light fire team, and artillery. The contact broke immediately, without casualties. M Company (-) remained as a ready reaction force at Sara. One of its platoons escorted an AVLB to XT397633 near LTL13, so that D Company could cross the obstacle when it arrived there from Tay Ninh. Before it got to this crossing site, a D Company tank hit a mine buried in the shoulder of LTL13. They continued on, spending the night at XT414665 along the Mustang Trail, 3 kilometers north of LTL13.

             Rome Plowing ended with 7 March for the ACR. B Company escorted the 501st LCC to Brant where that unit was released from First Squadron control. Before that, however, 3 Rome Plow people were injured when they found a wooden box, opened the lid, and it exploded. C Trp, to the north was bombarded wit RPGs and mortars outside their NDP at 0630 hours. The Troop returned the fire, with helicopters and artillery supporting. By 0700 hours, the fire stopped leaving an ACAV badly damaged, and nine US wounded. During the day, C Troop (-) conducted maintenance operations at XT405839 while one platoon swept the road from Cindy to Eric to the Bangal Bridge. At 1120 hours the Troop found a mine near their NDP and blew it in place. D Company moved to Sara and joined M Company, which was there for a maintenance standdown. At 1845 hours, Sara received 18 rounds of 60mm mortar fire from the east, all of which hit outside the perimeter without damage.

            B Troop began doing purely recon operations, without the Rome Plows to secure. Their Troop AO had the following boundary points: XT380840, 410840, 41o884, 380863. Despite hard work in the jungles around Bo Tuc, they were contactless. Near their NDP at Rhonda, they found a mine in the middle of the road at 1818, and set out an ambush position during the night. It was to the southeast at XT385849. D Company swept the road from Cindy to Bo Tuc, and then down hiway 245 to Sara’s Area XT415836. Afterwards, they reconnoitered the area east of B Troop’s AO (which was XT4184, 4384, 4186, 4386). The tank company made no contact, and made their NDP at Sharon. To the east of D Company was C Troop’s AO (which was XT4481, 4684, 4484). Before beginning to recon, they swept the road from XT415836 to XT463818. That night they spent at XT438834. Nearby, they set up an AP (XT4338040) and four automatic ambushes. The 3/919th Engineers swept the dirt trail from Sarah to Cindy and then continued on to Sharon for the night. M Company moved to Sara where they spent the night. While M Company moved south, the CP moved from Sara to Sharon. The advance party arrived at 0900 hours and the main body was all at there by 1720 hours. While the 1/11th Command and Control ship was flying over the area, an enemy soldier fired at it with an AK47. The ship was hit twice, and one man was wounded, at XT387770.

             The Squadron lost M Company on the 9th of March. They moved down hiway 246, and by noon had crossed the Bangal Bridge and were again OPCON to the Third Squadron. They went to Quan Loi. That same day, the First Squadron received as OPCON B/2/7. This infantry unit set out ambush positions along a trail northeast of Sharon as well as four auto ambushes. D Company secured Sharon while engineers worked on its fortifications. C Troop swept 246 from Sharon to XT463819, the bridge across the Suoi Ngu. B Troop was shelled at 0732 hours at XT380857 by two volleys, which impacted between 300 and 800 meters from their NDP. Troop personnel estimated that they were fired from the north at a reading of eight degrees. A few rounds more came in later, brining the total to 16. Artillery and helicopter gunships bombarded the suspected firing area, with unknown results. For the rest of the day, the Troop swept and screened 246 from Rhonda. At 0945 hours, while on the sweep, they discovered a T46 mine ten meters south of the road at XT411837, which they destroyed before continuing the sweep. That night’s NDP was at XT387857. Around it were two ambush parties, (XT81848 and XT387848) plus three automatic ambushes.

            March 18th was to be the day of an attack on Objective Number 6, at XT410878, which was the location of the 95C Regiment, B Troop and D/2/7 were to spearhead this attack and they were to be reinforced by D Company. C Troop was to move to XT4444856 southeast of the objective and be prepared to reinforce if needed. Before the attack, there were to be three airstrikes around the objective. (XT415875, Xt410875, and XT421880). At or about 0745 hours elements of B Troop and D/2/7 moved from their respective NDPs to link up and move towards the objective. At 0820 XT405846 B Troop was ambushed by an enemy battalion. Initially, they reported receiving mortar and RPG fire. The 11th Cav’s Air Cav Troop quickly scrambled a pink team to support B Troop. D Company also quickly responded to the fighting, and linked up with B Troop by 0845. As D Company moved into the area, one of the M48s was damaged by a mine. By about 0900 hours, B Troop and D Company were in contact, the Air Cav Troop was supporting with some helicopters, the Squadron’s Howitzer Battery was bombarding the area and Blue Max A R A ships were on station. Soon after the scheduled air strikes came in. But instead of dropping on their previous locations, they used the current contact sites. Also in the air were Medevac helicopters, which arrived at about 0915 hours to rush some badly wounded troopers to medical aid. Some men however, were already dead. By 0929 C Troop had linked up with D/2/7 to the south of the contact where they waited as a reserve force. The artillery, Blue Max and 11th ACR cobras, with the TAC jets continued their support thruout the contact. There was a second dust-off about an hour after the first. As the two armor units pushed forward, they received not only RPGs, but 82mm mortar fire, as well as small arms and 57 recoilless rifle blasts. B Troop drove the enemy back enough to capture the recoilless rifle, by 1032. At 1155 B/1/11 and D/1/11 were at XT405862, while XT405845 was the location of C/1/11 and D/2/7. By 1315 hours the battle had ended with the enemy fleeing to the north and northeast. Four GIs were killed and thirteen wounded. The enemy lost 32 killed. One Sheridan was a combat loss, one M48 was badly damaged, and one M48 was lightly damaged by a 20-pound mine. Our forces captured one 57mm recoilless rifle, two 9mm pistols, one .51mm tripod, one field telephone, two field packs, and documents. After the contact, C Troop and D/2/7 helped sweep thru the area. B Troop’s NDP was at XT381839, with five auto ambushes nearby. C Troop spent the night at XT430853, with one ambush position, at XT434838 and five automatic ambushes. HHT secured Sharon and set out one automatic ambush nearby. D Company Returned to Sharon for the night.

             There was no significant action on the following day, but the general plans were similar to those of the previous day. C Troop, with D Company and D/2/7 were to conduct a coordinated assault on the elements of the 95C Regiment. C Troop moved from XT430855 to XT415875 and set up the NDP at XT415853, with six automatic ambushes. D Company went from XT415855 to their objective at XT 410875 and returned to Sharon for the next night. D/2/7 remained with C Troop. B Troop remained nearby at XT381859 and placed an ambush position and three automatic ambushes nearby. The 3/919th Engineers swept 246 from Sharon to XT470820.  They found one T46 mine at XT405843, which they removed and destroyed. Later, they returned to Sharon. Headquarters Troop secured them.

           For the twelfth, the Engineers swept 246 from Sharon to Rhonda. Headquarters Troop stayed at Sharon during the day to secure it. A VHIH from the Headquarters Troop aviation section was fired upon at 1210 hours while flying near XT3579. The ship was flying at 2500 feets and 80 knots and was not hit. At 0620 hours XT415853, C Troop and D/2/7 received 14 rounds of RPG fire and RPG 7 fire, with small arms from the north and west. About this time a trip flare went off, and an individual was spotted, B Troop, at XT381859 was bombarded with fifteen 82mm mortar rounds fired from the northeast, but there were no casualties. Back at C Troops NDP, seven RG rounds had impacted inside the perimeter, striking five vehicles. C Troop returned the fire, and the Squadron artillery shelled the area. At 0648 hours, First Squadron CP ordered D Company to move from Sharon to reinforce C Troop. Seven minutes later Blue Max also radioed that they were enroute and would arrive within ten minutes. The second Blue Max section arrived a few minutes after the first. D Company arrived and combined with C/1/11 to sweep northwards. At 0823 hours, a C Troop Vehicle in the sweep was damaged by an RPG and one of the crew was killed. D Company had swept thru some of the area when they were fired upon by small arms fire, with one man killed. As the three elements pushed slowly to the north, the Blue Max and air Cavalry Troop Cobras straffed the area to the north and east where C Troop has seen movement. By 0938 hours, the second Medevac mission was completed, having come from Quan Loi and Tay Ninh. Soon after this, they were followed by another for a POW. At 1030, the TAC air strikes were guided in by the FAC. Soon after this the enemy evaded to the northwest, and contact was broken. The contact area had remained quite small. At the end of the fighting, D & C Troops and D/2/7 were at XT415860. B Troop, which had left its NDP at 0922 hours to reinforce the other units, was about 700 meters to the south, at XT415853. The results were as follows: C Troop had 2 dead, four wounded, an M551 and six ACAVs were moderately damaged, all from RPG fire. D Company had one each of dead and wounded, while D/2/7 had lost one dead with four wounded. Following the battle the standard sweep was made, which found six RPG2 launchers, seven RPG7 launchers, eight AK47 rifles, thirtyone RPG rounds with boosters, four RPG7 rounds with boosters, 16 ChiCom grenades, with some documents. The enemy had lost 24 killed, in action, 5 NVA dead by artillery for a total of 29. There was also a POW captured. During the rest of the day, the units conducted limited reconnaissance near the area of contact, mostly, however, they regrouped and reorganized themselves. At 1400 hours and XT401863, B Troop did discover a large bunker complex. There were twenty-five bunkers, each measuring 5x12 feet, with overhead cover. The bunkers contained two burner ovens, and there were silhouette targets of M113s, surrounded by dirt berms. These latter objects, plus documents found indicated that this area had been used for training. At XT411866, B Troop found 25 more bunkers, each 5x12x4 feet, with no overhead cover. Two of the bunkers were mess halls, with tables and benches in the area. That night B Troop had an ambush position at XT388854, with three automatic ambushes nearby and the NDP at XT375856. C Troop and D/2/7 established an NDP at XT430852, while D Company returned to Sharon.

             On the 13th of March (Friday, of course), the 3/919th Engineers secured BY d Company swept the hiway from Sharon to Ronda finding three mines. At XT388854 was a 23-pund pressure-detonated mine, which was evacuated to the Squadron Command Post. At 0915 hours and XT378858 was a 25-pounder, and at 1000 hours at XT662842. Both were removed from the road and destroyed. When the party reached Ronda, D Company remained there as a ready reaction force for B & C Troops, and then the tank company returned to Sharon that night. B and C Troops were both to perform a BDA mission and recon the area north of 246. B Troop area was from Ronda to XT395890 to XT410860.While B Troop was on its bomb damage assessment mission, at XT389880 they found a complex of Z-shaped bunkers, measuring 20x10x12, with a foot of overhead cover. Ten of them had been destroyed in the air strike. B Troop people found 10 new ChiCom grenades, 5 RPG2 rounds, two packs, a flashlight, four AK47 magazines with 20 rounds each, and two new Tiger suits. All were destroyed. C Troop also found a small complex at XT409859, containing five 8x8x4 feet with 11/2 feet of overhead cover and a bamboo cage. That night, B Troop also NDPed at XT316855set out an ambush position at DXT377858 plus four automatic ambushes nearby. D/2/7 patrolled from XT30852 to XT425845 to XT422845 and spent the night with C Troop. The infantry company set out five automatic ambushes near their NDPs at XT39843. C Troop’s NDP was at XT438837, and they had one automatic ambush nearby. HHT which had secured Sharon during the day set out two automatic ambushes at night.

            On the 14th, First Squadron emphasized recon operations south of hiway 246. B Troop swept the Mustang trail from Rhonda south to Cindy, and then reconned the following area; XT382815, XT 400820, XT383800. They had no contact during the reconnaissance, but an automatic ambush set up at XT414797 was successful, in that three NVA were killed, and two AK47s and a light machine gun were captured. On that night, B Troop formed a perimeter at XT403802. C Troop reconned within these coordinates: XT380856, XT382815, XT400820, XT 409840. Their NDP was at XT402819, with five automatic ambushes placed around it. D/2/7 patrolled from XT435835 to XT423853, and set up an NDP at XT419852 just north of Sharon. Nearby at XT416853, and XT421852, they positioned two ambushes and three automatic ambushes. 3/919 swept 246 from Sharon to XT463818. HHT secured the engineers on this sweep, and returned to Sharon that afternoon. The FSB took 10 rounds of AK47 fire during the day, but when they swept the area, they found nothing. The sweep was done by Headquarters Troop. While on VR, the Squadron S3, Major Abrahemson discovered three totally different trail locations that had been used recently by the enemy. At XT382808, three or four men had crossed the trail within 24 hours. At XT397830, five to ten people had passed within two days. The third location, XT400845 had seen five to ten soldiers within 24 hours.

            Although there was no major contact, the 15th was a busy day for the First Squadron. At 0006 hours, the radioed that they had emplaced an auto ambush just south of hiway 246 at XT460819. The Regimental S2 had distributed a banner in that location and the Squadron had placed its ambush about 25 meters south of the banner. The First Squadron message to the Second said “Advise units entering our AO tomorrow of this fact. You will be safe if you do not investigate the area near the sign.” By 0540 hours, the Second Squadron had returned a message stating that ambush must be taken out by 0900 hours, because some of the vehicles passing over the road did not have any communications and might accidentally detonated it. By 0830, personnel from Headquarters Troop had disassembled the ambush. C Troop’s automatic ambush at XT402817 went off at 0550 hours. The Troop fired into the area with M551 main guns, mortars, and howitzers from Squadron CP. When it became light, The Troop swept the area and found 2 dead NVA soldiers, four packs, a ChiCom radio, and some documents. After this sweep, the Troop reconnoitered within their AO, whose limits were XT380856, XT382815, XT400820, and XT409840. Their NDP was at XT405816, with an AP at XT399819, and four automatic ambushes. B Troop found at XT418852 a large quantity of enemy material during the day in their AO (XT382815, XT400820, XT427804, XT423780, XT383800.) At 0900 hours at XT412798, the troop found six 20x30 foot bunkers with four to five feet of overhead cover, eight bunkers measuring 10x10x4, with 3 feet of overhead cover, and one building whose dimensions were 10x15 feet. Searching further, they found 115 ChiCom grenades, a 9-pound ChiCom claymore, a 20-pound ChiCom claymore, two cases of AK47 ammunition, and two ten-pound satchel charges, five bicycles, 2 RPG rounds, medical supplies, a 60mm mortar round, and 10 fuses probably used for 20mm mortar rounds. All this was destroyed. To the north, at XT411858, they found five 82mm mortar rounds which they destroyed. The Troop NDP was at xt415801, with two automatic ambushes nearby. At 0725 hours First Squadron ordered the CO of D/2/7 to be “prepared to have one platoon move to a PZ at XT415855” to secure an insertion of the ARPs, who were to make a combat assault in the area. The commander was also instructed to move the

 The next several lines are unreadable.

           There was heavy movement on the Mustang trail at 0815 on the next day, the S3 reported. It was where the traffic went onto the east-west part of the trail. Several more lines unreadable.

 At 1400 hours, the company was resupplied at the PZ. At 1235 hours, the company saw four NVA soldiers moving to the northwest, who they engaged with unknown results. The ARPs were extracted at 1439,and D/2/7 was released from serving them as a reaction force. They set out four automatic ambushes round their perimeter at XT412854 that night. The other elements of the Squadron performed missions like those of the day before, without any important incidents.

            On the 16th of March, B Troop’s tracks moved from XT415810 to XT420773, to XT446818, They formed their NDP at Hazel (the third set of cordinates.) Setting up an ambush position of 246, they emplaced three auto ambushes within a kilometer of their NDP. C Troop was in the area to the west and south of B Troop. Its limits were XT380866, XT382815, XT400820, and XT409840. While on a ground reconnaissance south of Bo Tuc (XT380832), an ACAV hit a 45-pound mine buried in the west side of the mustang trail. While the vehicle had belly armor, it was badly damaged, and two of the crew were wounded and Medavcad. Later, at 1416 hours, C Troop found and five bunkers and XT386847. The unit spent the night at Cindy XT385816 and set out one ambush position and four automatic ambushes nearby. The S3 of the Squadron, while flying on reconnaisance, saw the prints of at least 30 persons on the Mustang Trail. A pink team from the Air Cav Troop came on station, and followed the trail from 388818 northwards. The pilots had estimated 50 enemy soldiers had used the trail early that morning. By 1020 hours, the pink team (a LOH and a Cobra) was joined by another Cobra. The trail wound northward, crossed 246 near Bo Tuc, and entered the bamboo in grid XT3885. From here it branched into many smaller trails. First Squadron requested an immediate air strike at 1059 hours, at XT399863, but were told that this was impossible as the enemy soldiers were actually visible, also that a tracker team was not available today. At 1146, the FAC who was flying in 1/11ths AO said that he could have air strikes by 1330 hours if “good targets came up”. As the jets came up, the Squadro S3 had them change their target to XT405868. By 1401, the air strikes had been completed. While on a recon, Headquarters Troop found 3000 pounds of rice, six B40 rounds, 30 rifle grenades, a bicycle, documents, and four bodies in a well. That night, the emplaced two automatic ambushes near Sharon. 3/919 swept the trail from Sharon to Bo Tuc and then 246 to XT415861 they were guarded by D Company platoon.

            On March 17th, a fire team from the Air Cav Troop, found and engaged one enemy in the open at 0755 hours, with no results. At 1028 hours, ACT ships found, at XT452826, trail activity showing recent use by 10 people. At 1105, C troop found a 23-pound mine at XT382820, which was blown in At 1532 hours, the Regimental FAC placed an air strike at XT407800. Night locations were HHTXT415836, D Troop, same as HHT, B Troop 443818, C Troop 382816, D/2/7 at XT420859.

            There was heavy movement on the Mustang Trail at 0815 on the next day, the S3 reported. It was where the traffic went onto the east-west trail at XT580833. At 920, C troop found evidence of use by 20-30 men along the trail at XT383856. By 0945, D Company found a 23-pound ChiCom mine at XT376860, At 1200 and 1438 hours, C Troop vehicles hit mines, without casualties. At 1850 hours, D/2/7 killed an NVA near their NDP and found a map on the body. HHT stayed at FSB Sharon, B Troop at XT380835, C Troop at XT380833, and D/2/7 at XT372827.

            On March 19th, at 1150 hours, C Troop killed one NVA with an auto ambush set up the previous nite. At 1235 hours, B Troop found one 82 mm mortar position and bunker location at 404865. B Troop stayed at XT389890, C Troop at the same place and D/2/7 was where it had been the nite before.

            On March 20th, B Troop found 2 ChiCom grenades at XT402845, at 0827 hours. At 1055 hours, a C Troop M551 hit a 23-pound mine at XT392890, causing no casualties, but damaging the road wheels, track, and road by making a 3x3 foot crater. At 1116 hours, C Troop found two ChiCom grenades in a bunker at XT392890. C Troop, at 1640 hours found a trail crossing a bomb crater at 391890, used by 10-12 individuals moving north and south.

            An Air Cav Troop VR found a 20-bunker trench line, three fighting positions, and 2 wells at XT451883 at 1006 hours, At 1142 hours B Troop found 20 bunkers about 4 months old, 8x5x4 feet, with 2 feet of overhead cover. At 1331, hours B Troop found 3 dead NVA, which were 8-12 days old at XT398810. They were without weapons or documents.

            On the 22nd of March, at 0935 hours, HHT elements found an anti-personnel mine 3x3 inches at the water point of the trench line trail (which had been used in the last 24 hours). At 1300 hours, a D Company V22 caught fire electrically under the turret floor, and could not be put out with a fire extinguisher. At 1525 hours, D/2/7 found three bunkers and a northeast-southwest trail at 405850. VB Troop NDP’d at XT402829, C Troop at 444817, and D/2/7 at405804, next to the bunkers.

            Next day, the 23rd, at 0945 hours, a FAC found a north-south trail at 393898, used by 5 individuals within the previous 24 hours. At 1435 hours, D Company found an NVA killed by bomb blasts there. At 1425 hours D/2/7 found a small cache.

            On the 24th, C Troop found a mine, uncovered by and A/S at XT430772. B Troop NDPd at 402829.

            For the 25th, a mine sweep of 246 was conducted, and D/2/7 was released from OPCON. At 0945 hours, a D Company replacement tank hit a mine at XT674862, without casualties.

            On the following day, maintenance operations were conducted. A Troop at 0037 hours had an 81mm mortar explode in the tube, killing 3 and wounding four. By 1330 hours a Regimental pink team took ground to air fire at XT404875, spotted 13 soldiers, D Company reacted, with artillery support and killed 11 NVA. A Troop was OPCON, B Troop spent the night at FSB Hazel, C Troop at 436856, and D Company at Sharon.

            On the 27th, thw 1st Squadron conducted a roadsearch to the 1st Brigade area of operations, and established FSB Hazard. At 1159 hours, B Troop vehicles hit mines resulting in one GI killed at XT303844. At 1211 hrs. C Troop had an ACAV hit a mine injuring one.

            March 28th saw a B Troop M551 hit a mine at 066837, without casualties. D Troop spent the night at 049854. C Troop at051837, D/2/7 at the same place as C Troop.

             On March 29th, at 1045 hours, B Troop found a Base Camp, and killed an NVA soldier. Artillery and ARA fire was placed the camp, with two more NVA soldiers known dead. B Troop spent the night at 048855. C troop was OPCON.

            March 30th, at 1350 hours, a Brigade Pink Team spotted 1 NVA in a dry stream bed. In the resulting action, three NVA were killed. 1603 hours, B Troop reported that they were receiving small-arms fire from the northwest woodline at XT036856. Blue Max was requested and mortars were spotted on the clearing at 034855. At XT032856 six NVA were spotted,. Artillery and Blue Max supported, resulting in 10 NVA killed by helicopters, 2 by artillery, and 2 by areial rocker artillery.

            March 31 (see Combat After-Action Interview Report)

           On the 1st of March, E troop of the second Squadron reconned in an area four to nine kilometers northwest of Marsha. There were no significent sightings or actions. E Troop established an FOB at XT545880. F Troop conducted reconnaissance 10 kilometers northwest of Marsha. At 1213 hours, near XT518872, while dismounted to investigate a bunker complex and APD (sniffer) reading, F Troop made contact with an unknown sized enemy force. They engaged it with organic weapons and artillery, receiving fire from AK47s in return. Contact broke immediately as the enemy evaded. One American was wounded, while enemy losses are not known. F Troop swept the area, finding 100 bunkers, 12 TNT sticks, 2 B40 rounds, 12 ChiCom grenades, 500 rounds of AK ammo, a boobytrapped “claymore”, and some documents. Approximately 2 hours later, at 504869, they discovered a 7-bunker base camp where they found 150 pounds of rice, 20 live chickens, 2 baskets of eggs, a live pig, 15 large cooking pots and a claymore type mine. The foodstuffs were evacuated, and the claymore was blown in its place. An F Troop automatic ambush was activated at 1745 at XT516869. A Sweep of the area produced a dead NVA, and a blood trail leading northward. One AK47 was found. F Troop made an FOB at XT518872 for the night. Team G, with C/2/7 OPCON to it, cut 249 acres along 246 with operational vehicles, spending the night again at XT555842. H Company secured and swept with the Engineers and waited as a reaction force at Marsha. HHT swept 246 from Marsha to Jan. H Company and HHT spent the night at Marsha.

            E Troop reconned to the east of the FOB on the second. At 0838 hours, at XT546885, they made contact with an unknown sized enemy force. ARA and artillery supported the action. The Troop received small arms fire. Contact broke at 0937 hours, and a sweep of the area showd one NVA dead, 2 B40 rounds, and a ChiCom grenade. Two hours later, at 549885, E Troop discovered 16 bunkers 2 B40 rounds, 1 ChiCom grenade, and a NVA pack. E Troop NDP’d at 545880.F Troop conducted ground reconnaissance south-southwest of XT518872 to 510860. At 0907 hours, an automatic ambush was activated near 518872 while on a sweep of the area, they found an unknown sized enemy force thru contact. At 0938, the contact was broke and the enemy eveded. Results were 5 NVA killed in action, and one in the automatic ambush with 3 AK47s and an AK50 captured in action. F Troop established an FOB at XT517868.

 Team G. Cut 284 acres with 19 operational vehicles. C/2/7 conducted patrols west of the FOB. At 1505 hours, at XT526840, C/2/7 made contact with an unknown enemy force. ARA and artillery supported. Small arms fire was received in return. Contact broke immediately with an enemy evasion. Two NVA were known killed in the action, and one was an officer. A platoon of h Company secured the sweep, while H (_) remained as a reaction force at Marsha. They reacted to the F Troop contact, but returned to Marsha afterwards. HHT swept 246 from Marsha to Jan and escorted the logistical convoy between Jan and Marsha.

            March third found E Troop conducting a sweep from XT530880 to XT560880, about seven kilometers northwest of Marsha. They NDP’d at 545880. F Troop made a sweep top the northwest of 517868. In the late afternoon, at 510870, the troop found 2 ChiCom grenades, two B40 rounds, 200 pounds of rice, and 20 pounds of salt. They NDPd at XT517868 with automatic ambushes in the area. Team G, with 23 vehicles operating, cut 250 acres along hiway 246, also destroying 150 bunkers during the day’s operations. At 0730H, C/2/7 had an automatic ambush activate at XT527831. While on a sweep of the ambush site, they made contact with an unknown sized enemy force. The enemy was engaged with organic weapons, artillery and a light fire team. The enemy returned with small arms fire and four RPGs. Contact broke at 0800 hours when the enemy evaded. One American was wounded, but 10 NVA were killed in action from the automatic ambush. Nine AK47s, some documents, and an unknown type sub-machine gun were captured. At 1522, B Troop again made contact with the enemy, engaging with organic weapons, and receiving small arms fire in return. Two RPGs were received in the vicinity of XT495878. There were no US losses or equipment damage. Enemy losses are unknown. A little over n hour later, G Troop again made contact at XT510870. They engaged the enemy with organic weapons, and received small arms fire in return. The contact lasted about 20 minutes, until the enemy withdrew, with unknown losses. Two GIs were wounded. At 1730, near 518872, they found 4 NVA bodies that were three to five days old. Credit for them was given to F Troop in their contact of 28 February. H Company discovered five 8x10 foot bunkers with one to three feet of overhead cover, and showed recent use. The bunkers were destroyed. H Company NDPd at Marsha HHT swept the road from Marsha to Jan. Their NDP was at Marsha.

            The following day, F Troop established a screen of the area 9 kilometers northwest of Marsha. At 1915, in the NDP (518865), the troop spotted and engaged one individual in a tree, without return fire. Team G moved the Rome Plow base to CT510868, seven kilometers west of Marsha. In the middle of the afternoon, 5 to 7 people were spotted in a ditch within the Rome Plow cut. C/2/7 engaged them and were supported by Artillery, a light fire team, and a pink team. H Company moved to the contact site. About the same time, the S3 of the second Squadron engaged three NVA in the open, resulting in one NVA killed, with the capture of an AK47. There were no US losses thruout the 30-minute contact. Team G NDP’d at 500810. H(-) moved to support C/2/7 in the above-mentioned contact. While one platoon secured the Engineer sweep along hiway 246 from Marsha to a point 51/2 kilometers northwest of Marsha. HHT swept 246 from Marsha to Jan, and NDPd at Marsha.

 E Troop established a daylite screen from XT530880 to 560880, seven kilometers northwest of Marsha. While on a recon mission in the early morning, an M551 Sheridan detonated a mine, located at 542877, about 10feet off the edge of the jungle trail. There were no injuries, and only lite damage to the Sheridan. At 1945 E Troop moved to check an auto ambush that tripped at XT545883. Enroute an ACAV hit a 20-pound mine on the northwest side of the road, with only lite damage and no casualties. There were many blood trails at the auto ambush site, but the extent of enemy losses was unknown. E Troop NDPd at XT545880.

            On the 5th, at 0924, E Troop swept the area around the automatic ambush site activated the day before. The Troop found 2 NVA dead, a medical kit, a ChiCom grenade, and some documents. There were also many drag marks in the area. They again established a screen, where they had the day before. The Troop NDPd at XT547878, with eight automatic ambushes. At 0030, while in the NDP (517873), F Troop sighted two to the northeast and engaged them with organic weapons. The enemy fired small arms and RPGs in return. Sporadic contact continued until 0125, when the enemy withdrew. One GI was killed and five were wounded, an ARVN was wounded, versus six NVA dead and two RPG2 rocket launchers captured. At 0720 hours, near 518877, F Troop had an auto ambush fire, resulting in one NVA dead, and six B40 rounds, seven B40 boosters, two AK47s, a ChiCom grenade, and three rifle grenades captured. F Trp. reconned thruout the day, in an area 8-11 kilometers northwest of Marsha. The Troop NDPd at 527873. C/2/7 was released OPCON to E Troop. Team G resumed land clearing with 105 acres cleared and destroying 32 fighting positions. They alos conducted maintenance during part of the day at the FOB. At 0900H, an M551 detonated a 20-pound pressure-firing mine while securing the Rome Plows. While two GIs were wounded, there was only light damage to the Sheridan. Team G NDPd at XT501794. H Company remained at FOB as a reaction force, while a platoon secured an Engineer sweep along hiway 246. HHT swept 246 to Jan, returning to NDP with H Company at Marsha.

           On the 6th, E Troop again established a screen, this time between XT530875 and 56875. That nite the troop NDPd t 554858, with automatic ambushes. F Troop reconned from 527873 to 506834, an area approximatly eight kilometers northwest of Marsha. The mission was without incident, ending with an NDP at 503833. Team G continued clearing with 26 vehicles, doing 75 acres in the day. They NDPd at 501794. C/2/7, OPCON to E Troop, continued to recon to the east of the FOB. A platoon of H Company secured the usual engineer sweep on hiway 246, while M(-) remained as a reaction force at Marsha. 4/919 Engineers swept from Marsha west to 499820. At 555844, they found and evacuated a 30-pound mine. After this sweep, the engineers moved to506834, nine kilometers northwest of Marsha, to begin construction of a new FSB, HHT swept from Marsha to Jan.

            On the 7th a platoon from E Troop swept 246 frm 544845 to Marsha, a 7-kilometer stretch. E(-) reconned near the FOB at 550845 before they set up an NDP at 557854 with automatic ambushes. F Troop swept 246 from 499820 to 544854 in preparation for the Second Squadron move to Fort Defiance at 503830. F Troop secured Defiance until Headquarters/2/11 arrived. F Troop set up an FOB at 515865. Team G, conducted lan clearing operations in an area between two and three kilometers northwest of Defiance. 141 acres were cut by 25 vehicles. Team G NDPd at 501794. One platoon from H Co. escorted two 155mm howitzers to Defiance at 0900. By noon, H(-) escorted HJQ and the How Battery from Marsha to Fort Defiance, where the 4/919 Engineers continued construction.

             On March 8, an E Troop platoon swept 246 for about 7 “klicks” from 542845 to Marsha. E (-) reconned north of the NDP, 552848,. They set up five automatic ambushes near the NDP. F troop conducted maintenance at their NDP site, 515865. Team G continued land clearing with tactical cuts west of Hill 95, where 24 plows 129 acres. They used the previous nite’s NDP. One platoon of H Company secured the engineers sweep along 246 to the south and east of Defiance. H(-) continued to improve that base. HHT swept 246 from Marsha to Jake, secured the water point near Jake, and spent the nite at Defiance.

            On the 9th, E Troop swept 246 from 522844 to Marsha. The Troop continued on to Quan Loi, where they became OPCON to 2/7/. F Troop moved its FOB to 515869 where it conducted recon to east west. Early in the day they found the grave of one NVA soldier, which was one or two days old. Credit was given to the F Troop action of the 5th. At 523868, an automatic ambush was detonated, resulting in two NVA dead, who were then found without weapons or documents. In the same area, another AA had both the firing mechanism and claymore removed. F Troop NDPd at XT516864. Team G cut a 200 meter path over 106 acres. During the day, two of the Rome Plows suffered light damage from 20-pound mines. NDP was at XT501794. H Company as usual, had a platoon secure the engineers sweep of 246, while the rest of it remained at Defiance to react. HHT swept from Marsha to Jake, securing the water point near Jake. H Company and HHT spent the nite at Defiance.

            For the tenth, E Troop remained OPCON to 2/7tg. F Troop reconned in an area three kilometers northeast of Defiance, with their NDP at 512860, after a routine day. Team G, 1-3 kilometers west of Defiance, cleared 80 acres during the day. They spent the nite where they had before. One H Company platoon secured the usual engineer sweep on 246, while the rest remained at Defiance for Maintenance and base improvement. HHT this time spent the nite at the water point they were securing.

            During the 11th, E Troop was still OPCON to 2/7. F Troop reconned three kilometers north of Defiance, with an NDP at 512860. Team G continued land clearing, 2 “klicks” northwest of Defiance. 100 acres were cut during the day by 24 Rome Plows. 1030 hours, at 499819, a dud 155mm round, possibly bobby-trapped, was hit ten meters north of 246. One ARVN was wounded, and the plow took moderately heavy damage. At 1316, while towing the damaged vehicle, another Rome Plow hit a mine in the center of the intersection of hiways 246 and 244. That area had been swept recently. H Company remained at Defiance as a reaction force, while one platoon secured the usual Engineer sweep.

            The next day, E Troop was still OPCON to 2/7. F Troop and an H Company platoon reconned an area from three to five km. north of Defiance. At 1115, near 525883, they found twenty-five bunkers of 4x5x3-foot construction, with 2 feet of overhead cover. They had not been used recently. F Troop NDPd at 542847, while the H Company platoon returned to Defiance. G Team worked near Hill 95, cutting 191 acres, and conducting reconnaissance. In the middle of the afternoon, an H Company tank hit a 20-pound mine, resulting in light damage to the tank. H (-) and HHT remained at Defiance.

             March 13th, F Troop swept 246 west of 545844 to link up with the 4/919th Engineers, and east of the same place to Jake. At 0912, 552844 F Troop found, and blew in place , a 23-pound mine, and a home-made mine found 50 meters away. Both mines had been laid the nite before. F Troop NDPd at 542847. Team G cleared 85 acres with 19 Rome Plows and found a new 23-pound mine at 478820, which they blew in place. Team G spent the nite at their accustomed site. Once more, H Company platoon secured the Engineer Road sweep, while the rest of the company remained as a reserve at Defiance. HHT swept east of Jake, where it met a Rome Plow convoy and escorted it back to Team Gs NDP. At 573814, HHT found two 23-pound mines, one on top of the other. A third mine was found eight meters from the two. All were removed and destroyed. HHT spent the nite in the vicinity of Jake.

            E Troop spent the 14th still under 2/7. After sweeping a portion of the hiway, F Troop moved to 501794 and assumed OPCON of the 984th LCC. They both NDPd there. G Troop secured the Rome Plows until the arrival of F Troop. After releasing the convoy, G Troop moved to the vicinity of 518865, and reconned in the area. The Troop spent the nite at 516863, 3 kilometers north of Defiance. The 984th land Clearing Company conducted limited operations during the day, in an area 6 kilometers west of Defiance. 87 acres were cleared by 17 plows. One H Company platoon stayed at Defiance, while the rest secured the Engineers Sweep of 246. HHT secured the water point, and spent the nite at Jake.

            On March 15, E troop returned from OPCON to the 2/7 during the afternoon. The Troop NDPd at XT560841, 5 “kliks” east of Defiance. F Trp., and the 984th LCC swept north along hiway 244 for about three km. to the junction with 246. They then swept west along 246 to XT445818. At 496820, around noon, a Rome Plow detonated a 20-pound mine, 20 meters north of 246, There were no casualties, and little damage to the plow. 113 acres were cleared from 445818 south to 440800. They constructed a FSB and spent the nite at 501794. One G Troop swept 246 from 544845 to Jake. At 0939, near 586841, two T46 mines were found buried-one on top of the other on the shoulder of 246. The mines were removed and destroyed. The platoon returned to the FOB where G (-) was conducting maintenance. G Troop NDPd at XT514860. One platoon of H Company remained at Defiance for maintenance, while the rest of the Company moved to 493186, and acted as a reaction force for Team F. At XT497820, an M48 tank hit a mine at 0930, a 20-pounder which was buried on the north side of the road. There were no casualties and only light damage. H Company NDPd at defiance.

             On the 16th, E Troop reconned east and west of 560841, and NDPd at 500841. F Troop and the 984th LCC continued to cut along hiway 246, and cut 105 acres. They NDPd at 501794. G Troop reconned from XT514860 to XT500880. At 1232 hours, near 505875, they received two RPGs and small arms fire while crossing the stream. G Troop engaged the enemy, and contact broke immediately. There were no casualties known to either side. G Troop NDPd at 526863. One Platoon of H Company remained at Defiance a reaction force, while H (*) moved to act as a reaction force for G Troop, spending the nite at defiance.

           E Troop conducted a platoon-sized recon on the 17th, six to eight kilometers northeast of Defiance. At 1111 hours, at 496888, they discovered 25x3x6 ft. bunkers, with 2 feet of overhead cover. The Troop found an NVA pack, a bicycle repair shop, and 4 US dogtags. They NDPd at 516863. F Troop and the 984th LCC continued cutting along 244 from 503785 to 503777. 18 vehicles cut 105 acres during the day’s work. They NDPd at 501794. G Troop reconned an area about 6 km. north of Defiance. At 515870, they found 4 dead NVA soldiers and 13 grenades in a bunker. Credit for the dead was given to F Troop as a result of their 5 March contact. At 1130, G Troop arrived at 498905, and began a bomb damage estimate of the area. The Troop found 30 4x8 ft. bunkers that had been destroyed. In the same area, they found 11 NVA killed by artillery 14 bicycles, two AK47’s and nine packs. Soon afterward, G Troop captured a prisoner of war. Still in the same area, they discovered 7 hootches, and a possible ammo cache that had caused a secondary explosion during the air strike. At 1708, near 498885, the troop received one RPG from the north. They returned fire, and the enemy withdrew. Two GIs were wounded. Their NDP was at 502882. H Company remained at Defiance as a reserve and had an uneventful day.

            On the 18th, E Troop reconned the area three to five kilometers north of Defiance. The day was uneventful, and they NDPd at 51863 late in the afternoon. F Troop and the LCC conducted land clearing operations south of Defiance from XT503775 to 503760. 19 Rome Plows cut 137 acres. Again they NDPd at 501794. G Troop continued to recon five kilometers north of Defiance. At 1126 hours, an ACAV hit a mine at 499819, One man was injured, and the ACAV was moderatly damaged. At 1203 hours, the 3rd platoon found a 500-pound bomb, which was blown in place. H Company (-) remained at Defiance, while one platoon secured the usual engineer sweep along 246.

 On 19 March, E troop reconned an area tree to four kilometers north of Defiance, At 0925 hours, an M551 Sheridan detonated an estimated 20-pound mine at 499873. The Sheridan was lightly damaged and there was no human damage. Early in the afternoon, at 487877, E Trp., found fifty 4x8 ft. bunkers with one foot of overhead cover. The bunkers were one month old. At 2020, an automatic ambush went off at XT537835 and artillery was called in. They decided to sweep that area in the morning, and an NDP was made at XT482880. F Troop and the 984th Land Clearing Company cut 137 acres from 503770 to 503755. At 0812 h, they had an auto ambush detonate, resulting in 1 NVA dead, and a pack and some documents captured. Their NDP was at the usual place. G Troop reconned an area from XT502882 to 485880, north of Defiance. At 1000, an automatic ambush was activated at 500887. They swept the area, and found two large blood spots and a bloody pair of trousers. At 1050, another Auto ambush was tripped, resulting in three NVA dead. At 1250, G Troop made contact with an unknown sized enemy force, receiving three RPGs and small arms fire A Pink team supported the troop in the action. A sweep of the area produced an NVA pack and heavy blood trails. At 1345, G Troop swept an area (496890) where an AA had been activated on the previous night. 4 NVA bodies were found. At 2155, another one detonated at 500868. G Troop would sweep the area at 1st light. H Company remained at Defiance, with one platoon, as usual, detached to guard the Engineers sweep of hiway 246.

            On March 20, E Troop moved to 503776 and reconned to east and west of this position. At 0820, they found 2 NVA killed by an automatic ambush. Also discovered were two AK47s, a web belt, a canteen, a knife and a pack. E Troop NDPd at 500793, with automatic ambushes in the area. F Troop and the 984th Land Clearing Company moved their FOB to 486721 and worked in that area, without calculating the number of acres. At 1032, a Rome Plow hit an unknown size mine at 493730, ten meters off the edge of the west side of the road. There were no casualties and only slight damage to the plow. At 1100 hours, a plow hit a dud 81mm round at 493732, 20 meters off the road, with only light damage and no injuries. At 1830 another plow hit an anti-personnel mine at 488722. There was one man wounded and no damage to the plow. F Troop and the 984th spent the night at 488722. G Troop moved to 488850 and reconned that area. At about 0035 they received an 82mm from the south, which impacted north of the NDP. Artillery and Blue Max supported them, and one GI was wounded. At about 0930 hours, the Troop discovered a 9x4x4-foot bunker with a foot of overhead cover, which was at XT504877. Seven wooden sampans were found and destroyed. At 1530, an automatic ambush detonated at 500886. A sweep of the area produced one NVA dead, plus 3 pools of blood. G Troop spent the night at 488722. H Company remained at Defiance as a reaction force. About 1500 hours, near XT508849 an M48A3 detonated a 23- pound mine in a rome plow cut, with light damage and no casualties. H Company NDPd at Defiance.

             On 21 March, E Troop reconned from 500747 to 465747, in an uneventful day. F Troop and the 984th LCC continued to clear 166 acres with 12 Rome Plows between 497740 and 545650. F Troop and the LCCC spent the night at XT488722. G Troop reconned on a line two kilometers north of Defiance from 485850 to 545850. At 1422, near XT516870, an ACAV hit a 25-pound mine with moderate damage and no casualties. G Troop NDPd at 515863, with 8 automatic ambushes. H Company, again remained as a reaction force in Defiance. HHT had maintenance standdown, remaining at Defiance. 4/919th began construction of FSB Ricky at XT495752, eight kilometers south of Defiance.

             E Troop swept 244 north from Ricky to link up with the sweep from Defiance in the morning. During the day, they reconned in the vicinity of 4575 and 4476. E Troop NDPd at XT469775. F Troop, with the Land Clearing Company, went on cutting from XT480710 to 498730. Sixteen plows cut 132 acres. They NDPd at 498723. G Troop moved from XT515866 to Defiance, and spent the day reconning east of the FSB. An ACAV hit a mine near 499821, seventy-five meters from the junction of hiways 244 and 246. There were no casualties and only light damage. G Troop NDPd at Defiance with ten auto ambushes in the area. H Company escorted HHT and the Howitzer Battery to Ricky. HHT swept 244 south of Defiance to link up with E Troop sweeping north. The 919th’s fourth platoon continued construction for FSB Ricky. H Company, HHT, and the Engineer platoon spent the nite at Ricky.

            On the following day, E Troop reconned the area near 4575 for an uneventful day. E Troop NDPd at 469755. F Troop and the 984th LCC went on clearing from XT4279730 to 505718. Sixteen vehicles cut 149 acres. Their NDP was XT496723, with three automatic ambushes emplaced. G Troop patrolled around Defiance. At 1340, an automatic ambush was activated at XT547866. The detonation resulted in four NVA dead, with a sweep of the area producing an RPG and launcher, two AK47’s and some documents. They NDPd at Defiance, with ten automatic ambushes in the vicinity. H Company and the 919th Engineer platoon reconned in the vicinity of 5278. At 1336 hours, while reconning a bunker complex, they found ten 8x6 ft. bunkers with two feet of overhead cover. Within the bunkers, they got 50 bicycles, a plywood boat, a B40 round, two ChiCom grenades and some documents. 35 bicycles and the documents were taken to the Squadron CP, and the rest were destroyed. H Company NDPd at Ricky. HHT secured Ricky and NDPd there. The 919th continued construction of the FSB. 

 On the 24th, E Troop reconned an area in the vicinity of 4676. At 1040, the Troop found ten 6x8x5 foot bunkers with a foot of overhead cover. The bunkers were not used recently. Their NDP was located at XT498723. G Troop again reconned near Defiance. At 1020, and automatic ambush fired at XT479830, resulting in one NVA dead, found without weapons or documents. Three hours later, another one went off, with one Viet Namese found dead. G Troop NDPd at Defiance, F Troop and the 919th plowed from XT498723 to 530718, cutting 202 acres with 18 Rome Plows. They NDPd at XT498723. H Company reconned from two to four kilometers northeast of Ricky. H Company NDPd at Ricky an uneventful day. HHT spent the day at Ricky.

             E Troop moved on the 25th to link up with H Company at Ricky. Both reconned near 5470. At 1730, E troop had an automatic ambush fire at XT537732. A sweep of the area produced 2 dead NVA, two AK47s, with five magazines for them, and some documents. The documents identified the 101st Regiment, and the 50th Rear Services Group. E Troop[ NDPd at XT538737. H Company returned to Ricky for the nite. F Troop and the Land Clearing Company cut 179 acres between Jamie an XT467702. Also an F troop platoon escorted a convoy from their NDP 488723 to Ricky. G Troop continued to recon near Defiance. The Troop swept south long 244 and east on246. At 0829, they had an auto ambush detonate, with results of 4 NVA dead, and the capture of 2 AK47s, and some documents. At 1107 hours near XT553844, G Troop found two B40 round buried no-up with a board on top of them. They were blown in place. Fifteen minutes later, two more were found in a similar setup, dealt with similarly. G Troop NDPd at FT. Defiance. HHT secured a convoy from Ricky to Jake, with their NDP at Ricky.

            On March 26, E Troop and H Company reconned together near 5474. At 1240 hours, discovered a 20-pound claymore at XT539730, which was not emplaced. It was destroyed. E Troop spent the nite at XT538737 with seven automatic ambushes in the area. H Company returned to Ricky. F Troop, and the 984th LCC cleared from XT467802 to 425685, cutting 102 acres during the day. They NDPd at 488723. G Troop conducted local patrols near Defiance. At noon an automatic ambush was activated at 516866. A sweep of the area produced two large blood pools and a blood trail. Two hours later, at 516870, G Troop found and destroyed four 82mm mortar rounds, three cans of 82mm fuses, and three cans of powder charges. The Troop NDPd at Defiance, with 20 automatic ambushes in the area. 4/919 pulled maintenance at Ricky.

             On the 27th, E Troop reconned in the vicinity of 5270 and established Automatic ambushes in the area. They linked up with H Company early in the morning to conduct joint ground recon. At 1250 they discovered ten 6x6 bunkers with 1-2 feet of overhead cover, at XT531698. Cooking utensils, a well and documents were found. E Troop spent the nite at XT538737, while H Company returned to Ricky. F Troop and the 984th moved their FOB to XT457438, which took most of the day. For the remainder of the time, they pulled maintenance, in order to continue clearing on the next day. G Troop conducted patrols around Defiance, checking their old booby-traps and setting up new ones. They NDPd at Defiance. HHT remained at Ricky for defensive purposes, where the 4.919th was conducting maintenance.

            On the 28th, E Troop continued to recon, at 5370, and established automatic ambushes in the area. At 1725 hours, one of them detonated, and one NVA was captured. Just after dark, an aa was activated at XT531746. Artillery was called in. E Troop decided to sweep the area at dawn. F Troop and the LCC plowed from XT545637 to 453660. The plows cleared seventy three acres during the day. They NDPd at 466635. G Troop continued local patrols of the Defiance area. At 1222 hours, near XT556846, G Trp. had an auto ambush activate, resulting in five NVA dead, with 2 SKS rifles an AK47, aK54, and a pick and shovel captured. In the early afternoon, at XT576837, they found a T46 mine on the north shoulder of hiway 246. It was removed and destroyed. They NDPd again at Defiance. H Company worked maintenance at Ricky, along with HHT and the 919th’s fourth platoon.

            29 March saw E Troop move from XT537736 to Defiance, and then to the northeast for reconnsissance. At 1410, an M551 Sheridan hit a 20-pound mine at XT5158699 with no causalities, and light damage only. They set up an NDP there. At 2030 hours, an automatic ambush was set off at 514867. Artillery was called in, and E Troop decided to sweep the area at Dawn. F troop and the LCC pulled maintenance, and reconned at XT560635. At 1145 they found a T46 mine in the center of hiway 244, at XT456691. The mine was removed and destroyed. They NDPd at XT460635. G (-) continued to recon the Defiance area. One platoon swept 244 south in order to prepare for the link up with the engineer’s sweep, both prepartions for the movement of H Company’s HQ and the Howitzer Battery back to Defiance. At 1255 hours, near XT543848, G Troop found three graves, with bodies estimated to have been buried for a month. At 1636 hours, an automatic ambush at XT543843 was detonated. At the ambush site, they found 1 NVA dead, three large pools of blood and drag marks. G Troop NDPd at Defiance. H Company escorted How. Battery, 4/919th Engineers, and HQ to Defiance, then moving with E Troop to XT515869, where they NDPd.

            E Troop conducted reconnaissence on the 30th, with H Company in the vicinity of XT5191. Late in the morning, at XT521891, they found a (NW*SE) trail with tracks of 10-15 bicycles. They also found two canteens and an NVA helmet. At 1831, an automatic ambush was detonated at XT513903. A sweep of the area resulted in one NVA dead, wounded each being found. Two AK47s and some documents were captured. H Company and E Troop spent the nite at XT513903. F Troop and the Land Clearing Company cleared from XT454636 to 453665. 19 operating plows did 180 acres. They spent the nite at FSB Kathy. G Troop conducted local patrols around Defiance. One platoon took an AVLB and a Zippo flamethrower-track to a trail near XT458855 and set up an automatic ambush. At 1830 hours, an aa was activated at XT546846, killing two. At 2045, a second one was detonated at XT485824, which G Troop would investigate at Dawn, after spending the nite at Defiance. HHT conducted maintenance at Defiance, while 4/919 improved the FSB.

            On the Last day of the month, E Troop and H Company reconned near 5091. At 1100 hours, H Company received small arms fire and a B40 rocket, at XT497903. They engaged the enemy with the support of artillery and a pink team. Contact broke immediately, to be resumed at Noon, when they again received a B40 round and small arms fire. Ten minutes later, they took three B40s and more small arms fire. Results of all this were two GIs wounded, and light damage to an M48 tank. Enemy losses are unknown. At 1505H, near XT489902, E Troop discovered bunkers (thirty, measuring 4x8 ft. with two feet of overhead cover.) A search of the area produced five bangalore torpedoes, twenty 60mm rounds, 1000 pounds of rice, ten ChiCom grenades, 500 pounds of clothes, and 31 pounds of documents. Three bunkers had been occupied within the last 24 hours. E Troop and H Company NDPd at XT517905. F Troop and the 984th LCC cut 156 acres between XT454637, and XT453665. At 0911, near 428634, F Troop found three T46 mines which were blown in place. At 1605 hours, at 421634 a 984th Rome Plow hi a 20-pound mine in the north land of LTL 13. There were no casualties, and only light damage to the plow. They both NDPd at Kathy. G Troop conducted local patrols around Defiance again. At 1125, they swept an automatic ambush site, and found one NVA dead. The Troop NDPd at Defiance, where HHT was pulling maintenance, and the 4/919th were working to improve the FSB.

 During all this time, the Third Squadron was under the operational control of the 5th ARVN Division, and took no part in these operations. Such information as we have is contained in the Combat After-Action Interview Reports, which are appended.

 14.            Intelligence for March:            Documents found on dead NVA on 15 March at XT402817 identified the T103 Training Battalion, 9th VC Division, and the C94 Engineer, C95 Combat Reconnaissance, C96 Transportation and C97 Surgical Companies, 7th NVA Division.

            On 3 March at XT527831, C-2/8th Cav (OPCON 2/11) made contact while sweeping an automatic ambush site. Artillery and LFT helped kill 10 NVA with only one US wounded. Documents from the bodies identified the Branch 8Transportation and Storage Unit and the Ct 53 Hospital of the 50th Rear Service.

            C Troop, 1/11, fought at XT458862 on 5 March. Artillery, aerial-rocket artillery and tactical air strikes left 17 NVA dead with six US wounded. There was no unit identification.

            On 10 March at XT405846, B Troop and D Company combined to kill 32 enemy dead, with 4 US killed and 13 wounded. Documents from the bodies identified the Third Battalion, 95C Regiment.

            Elements of the 50th Rear Service Guard have been continuously identified along the eastern boundary of the 11th ACR TAOR confirming the unit’s mission of transporting supplies, food, and medical evacuation from Sub Region 1 to the Fishhook. AT 547765, 527832, 509869, 527832, 518707 and 504900, documents have been captured which identified the 50th RSG.

            Even if enemy activity remains at a low level, the enemy’s ability to maintain presence in War Zone C will assume importance as Vietnamization and troop withdrawals continue. The enemy must insure his troops are supplied in order to maintain political leverage in these areas.

            Thus enemy activity in eastern War Zone C can be viewed as a reaction to the 11th ACR interdiction of the Saigon – Michellin Corridor supply route where the 50th RSG is having difficulty in resupplying Sub-Region 1, particularly the 101st NVA Regiment. The reaction may also be an attempt to counter the armored units in an area so close to NVA Base Areas 353 and 352.

             It is expected that both the 95C and 165th NVA Regiments as well as rear service guard and border security units will continue sporadic harassment of the 11th ACR. They will continue reconnaissance to develop alternate supply routes. Offensive operations will probably be limited to economy of force measures. without hard intelligence, enemy intentions cannot be assessed. The mission of the 165th must be known, as well as the 7th NVA Div’s interest in the area.

             From 19 to 24 March there were several enemy iniated attacks in the Aos of 1/11 and 3/11. Perhaps these attacks were intended to encourage the 2/11 troops to redeploy to either area. (On Jan.21, 2/11 troops reacted from Bu Dop to Loc Ninh to support a 1/11 contact.) The reason could be that such a plan would open a corridor from Cambodia to the south where the 50th RSG could supply SR1 and SR5 which have been severely hampered by shortages of food, ammunition and personnel. Documents and prisoners have indicated the severity of the problem in these regions. It is apparent that 2/11 has restricted the flow of men and material to the south.

14. Operations for April:

                         On 1 April the 1st Squadron conducted recon and security operations in its AO, setting the NDP’s and AA’s at night. At 0358, A Troop reported that FSB Illingsworth was receiving incoming mortars and S/A fire. The First Brigade requested that 1/11 send D Co. as a RRF to the contact. D Co. left Ft. Hazard at 0420 H, closing on the contact later. At 0830 H, B Troop, at XT032855, had the seventh vehicle of its convoy, a M551, hit a shaped charge mine on the left side of the road which blew two road wheels off. At 0900 H, A Troop at 024849, made contact with a USEF. By 0930H the requested Blue Max was on station. B Troop reacted, and at 0932H linked up with A Troop and both moved north. A Troop had another RPG fired at them at 1000H. A Troop had two men wounded within the next six minutes, and at 1030 AGT Alloy Red received ground-to-air fire at XT026856. 13 minutes later A Troop had another man wounded, needing an urgent dust-off. At 1052H A Troop received even heavier AK-47 fire from the west. By 1125H A Troop had another two men wounded. Maj. Abrahamson, 1/11 S-3, had his LOH land and picked up the wounded man and took him to FSB Hazard. At 1140H A Troop had the command track blow the engine. By 1156H A Troop needed a dust-off for one man KIA, 6 ambulance, and 3 litter wounded. By 1212H A and B troops were moving through the bunkers. There was one US KIA, 13 wounded and 9 enemy KIA. At 1254H B Troop captured a POW. At 1300H A Troop one CBL VTR and an ACAV which had to be towed. At 1330H Alley Red, at 033846, found three 3’by5’ bunkers. 2 leam-to’s, and 15 graves dug previously. The area had very recent use. The HQ, HHT, HOW, and D Co. stayed at Hazard, while A and B Troops made an NDP at XT 049853. C Troop remained OPCON.

 On 2 April C Troop returned OPCO to 1/11, and the 1st Squadron conducted recon-security missions in the AO. A Troop, at XT 119692, at 1542H, had a Sheridan from 1st Platoon hit a CC mine. Earlier, at 1503H, at XT 115707 A Troop found a 23lb. Mine on the left side of the road. B and C Troops conducted operations in the AO but had no significant activities. D Co. had a vehicle hit a mine at XT 0?3857, and found another one, on the left side of the road. There were negative casualties from the mine. At 1851H Air Cav Team spotted 3 individuals in bunkers at XT 023850, and they opened fire and killed 1 NVA. A Troop had NDP at 078840, B Troop at 700783, C Troop at XT 048854 and D CO. at 037857.

 On 3 April 1st Squadron utilized AA’s and provided security for the convoy moving north to FSB ILLINGSWORTH. At 07435H D Co. had a tank hit a 23 lb. mine at XT 047856, causing negative damage. They also found a mine at the same location. At 1012H. B Troop policed the AA and found and found one had been tripped, resulting in 2 NVA KBAA at XT 027563. At 1140H. B Troop reported the 3rd was receiving RPG and S/A fire at XT 063884. They returned fire, and were supported by arty and ARA. One tiger scout was killed and 3 US wounded. The contact broke at 1150H. with the enemy losses unknown. TAG air was placed on the base contact area. At 1745H. C Troop had a M551 hit a mine at XT060887, with no casualties. Further searching of the area resulted in the discovery of one mine.

 On 4 April at 0820 H. D Co. at XT 041860, found an AA which had been tripped with negative results. At 0905H. an M48 of D Co. hit a mine at 031856 which caused no casualties, but blew off two road wheels, damaged another, blew the shocks off and punctured the fuel cells, making a crater 5-6’ deep. A secure message from GEN SWELL for the CO and S-3 warned that last year a cable that went from the Fishhook to the Minh Thanh Rubber Plantation was found. It was used for secure NVA radio transmissions. GEN SWELL thought there might be another one in the Dog’s Head or Neck area, and warned CO’s of the possibility. At 0927H. Maj. Abrahamson, S-3, reported ground- to-air fire at 051874. At 1130H. a C Troop M551 hit a mine at 042858 which blew off two road wheels and made a crater 3’ deep and 4’ across, but caused no casualties. At 1203H, LTC REED reported g-t-a fire at 9995882. Artillery was placed on the suspected area. At 1302H. the S-2 received a report that at 1150H. A/1/9 saw 15 individuals moving south on a N-S trail into 1/11 AO at 960904. At 1940H. B Troop uncovered a grave with 3 NVA bodies believed to be from the B/1/11 contact several days ago.

 On 5 April 1st Squadron conducted recon and security missions in the AO. The troops placed out AA’s in the AO. They conducted convoy security from Thien Ngon to FSB Washington, and maintenance operations. At 1558H. a B Troop ACAV hit a mine at XT 038867, possibly breaking the back of one trooper, who was medavaced. GEN ROSSEN Dep USARVN and MACV CG visited FSB HAZARD, was briefed by S-2 and S-3, and then visited troops at the FSB. The HQ, HHT, HOW BTRY remained at FSB HAZARD, A Troop at 078840, B Troop at 024867, C Troop at 040852, and D Co. at 037857.

 On 6 April they continued recon missions using AA’s. D Co. returned to FSB HAZARD for maintenance operations and camp security. A Troop was at 987872, B Troop at 024867, C Troop at 048852 and D CO. at 078840.

 On 7 April A Troop set out AA’s. They also set out mine sweeps of CL13. At 2013H. 3 rounds of unknown size arty landed approx. 400m NW of HAZARD. The rounds were fired from the south, and believed to be friendly. There were negative damage, A Troop stayed at 985701, B Troop at 024867, and C Troop at 048852.

 On 8 April at 0430H. B Troop reported that they received 8-20 rounds of 60mm mortar fire. The tounds landed 300m SW of the NDPand caused no damage.  At 1612H. the 2/919th Engr. Mine sweep team was hit by an AA which was placed out 3 days ago. There were 2 US KBAA and 4 WBAA at 077848. At 1448H. the Sqdn S-3 reported that at 975900 there was a well cultivated farm with rice and vegatables growing. The area is inside the Vietnam border. The Pink Team fired into the farm house and killed 2 NVA. A Troop was at 985871, B Troop 960889, C Troop at 088857.

 On 9 April B Troop found 1 dead NVA who had been hit by mortar fire from B Troop NDP. At 950890 they found what they believed to be a base camp. Some newly built hootches were found, old-well constructed bunkers and a few 2501lb bags of rice. A Troop NDP’d at 943863, B Troop at 950850, C Troop at 098888, and 1st Sqdn HQ remained at 084820, HAZARD.

 On April 10 at 1245H. A Troop found a bag with 9 AK-47 rounds at 039868. At 1310H. a tree fell on a man’s back injuring him enough for a dust-off. The NDP’s were as follows: A Troop at 097763, B Troop at 051864, C troop at 096915.

 At 2032H. on 11 April, an A Troop vehicle, leading the convoy, hit a mine at 124060, causing no casualties. The mine made a crater 4’by 3’ on the left side of the road, heavily damaging the vehicle. At 2305h. a C Troop AA went off, and the area was engaged with mortar fire. A Trop 1/a found a 23lb mine at 110626 at 2355H. B Troop moved to 175763, C Troop to 084888 for their NDP’s.

 On 12 April 1st Squadron conducted a tactical road march from HAZARD to establish FSB KRAMER at 030728. The Sqdn set out AA’s and reconned while constructing KRAMER. NDP’s- A Troop at 029171, B Troop at 023697, C Troop at 095762.

 At 0934H. on 13 April, a Pink Team reported 10 individuals in the open at XT 022668. The artillery and ARA were placed on target. B Troop was sent to the area. At 1545H. B Troop received RPG and S/A fire at 022669, resulting in 4 individuals wounded. Artillery and Blue Max were called in upon completion of the sweep. They found 5 NVA KIA and captured 1 PW, whose foot was blown off, and they evacuated him to Tay Ninh. NDP’s for the night were- A Troop at 037683, B Troop at 016684, and C Troop at 095762.

 On 14 April at 1412H. B Troop at 000069 uncovered a rice cache of 10,000 lbs. The rice was extracted by Brigade. A Troop, at the same location, found 10 NVA killed within the previous 24 hours, and 7 NVA killed within the last 5 days. A Troop NDP’d at the same location, B Troop was at 016684, and C troop at 098764.

 1st Squadron returned OPCON to the 11th on 21 April. They commenced to move to the AO minus C Troop which remained OPCON to the 1 BDE. At 0920H at XT967719, 1/919th Eng had an ACAV hit a 23lb mine causing heavy damage, and no casualties. A Troop NDP’d at 233770, and B Troop at 193767.

 On 22 April D Co. and Sqdn HQ continued to close 11th ACR AO along hwy. 4 A & B closed at XT 430837.

 A Troop continued its screening operation from 450860 to 485885 on 24 April. At 1125H. at 473853, A Troop found an AA activated with 3 NVA killed within 24hrs, and found 3 canteens, and 3 prs. Of HCM sandals. B Troop screened from 410860 to 4 0860. At 1115H. at 42 853 B Troop engaged 2 individuals with no results. They made a BDA of arc-light strikes near 405875 and found the following: 7 bunkers 3’by 10’ partially destroyed, 3 bunkers 4’ by 6’ destroyed, 9 bunkers 3’ by 10’ partially destroyed, 25B 4’by 6’ partially destroyed, 500’ trenchline, 1 tunnel, one .51 cal position at 406885, 1 hootch, a N-3trail with heavy recent use, 3B 3’ by 5’ destroyed, 9B 8’ by 10’, 1 CC grenade, and one latrine frame for a tent cover was uncovered. At 403872 there were fresh trails leading from the bunkers after the strike. 450 60 to 485854. At 101025 4 the rest of this line is unreadable, they received S/A fire from the SW conducting a mad minute. At 1130H. at 467845 they found 6B 6’ by 8’ with 2’ of OHC, and also a fresh trail NW-SE with heavy activity within the last 24 hours. D Co. continued GR, to the BDA at 400870. At 0852,443861, where an AA had activated last night they found 1 NVA KBAA and some documents. At 0959H., 435057, they received 1 incoming round outside the perimeter. At 0945H, at 423861, they found 1 NVA KIA. 2/d/11 escorted a convoy FSB ME LINH, and returned to HAZEL. At 0910H, 385835, they found a T46 mine on the north side of the road. At 0950H, 399846, they received RPG and S/A fire. They returned the fire and were supported by LFT and Arty. One M48 was heavily damaged, with one man wounded. The contact broke at 1015H, 1 NVA KIA, 1PW WIA, 1 AK-47, 1 CC grenade, 2 AK mags, 2 RPG rounds, and 1 SKS rifle.

 On 26 April, A Troop screened from 450860 to 486854. At 1113H, 467856, while checking an AA set off the previous night they found 3 NVA KBAA, a stretcher, and 1 shovel. At 1440H, an AA activated and they found 2 NVA KBAA, blood trails leading south, and a wallet with a map. At 1600H, 458837, an AA activated where they found 2 graves with 3 NVA KIA, 1 pr sandals, 1 tooth brush, and documents. Their NDP was 467837. B Troop continued BDA of AO at 4089. At 1445H, 404376, they found a heavily used trail NW-SE leading to a bridge crossing a stream. The trail was used by 20-30 men since the last rain.

 A Troop reconned from 463843, to 474856, to 465862, to 463863. Their NDP was at 478850. B Troop screened from 410856 to 450860., and pulled maintenance. D Co. escorted a convoy to FSB Jake, and swept 246 to FSB BURKETT.

 On 29 April A Troop dismounted AA’s from 448359 to 481853. B Troop GR’d from 400851 to 412850 to 401869, taking down AA’s. At 1136H, 414853, an AA went off leaving 1 dead NVA, 1 SKS rifle, and some documents. At 1610H, 407865, an AA went off within the last 24 hrs and they found blood trails where 2 NVA had been dragged away. At 0525H, 442819, FSB HAZEL received 9 60mm mortar rounds, with 4 impacting inside the perimeter, and 5 impacting near the woodline. The rounds came from the south with no damage.

 On 30 April A Troop moved near JAKE and picked up the HOW BTRY east of JAKE and escorted it to BURKETT. B Troop moved their NDP to 545873, with 1 plt escorting 1/11 HOW BTRY to SOUTH II 545873. D CO. secured HHT on move from HAZEL to BURKETT.

 On 1 April, E Troop continued ground reconnaissance near XT 5489. At 0930 hours, XT 538902, an ACAV detonated a 30-lb mine, heavily damaging the ACAV, but causing no casualties. E Troop put out four automatic ambushes and made its NDP at XT 521899. F Troop and the 984th LCC continued clearing operations west of their NDP on LTL 13. At 0810 hours, XT 435635, F Troop found a TM-46 mine in the south lane of LTL 13. F Troop put out two automatic ambushes and two snipers and made its NDP at 460635 G Troop conducted local patrols around FT. DEFIANCE, their NDP, and put out 28 automatic ambushes and snipers. H Company secured the LZ at XT 510915, and then conducted ground reconnaissance to XT 575863 and 570e38.

            On 2 April at 0815 hours, XT 541902, H Company moved to the area that E Troop had sighted and engaged two NVA, killing one and capturing documents which tentatively identified the K-3 Battalion, 165th Regt. At 0745 hours, XT 541902 E Troop made contact. E Troop received two B40 rockets, utilized a LFT, but the contact broke with no results. E Troop put out automatic ambushes and made its NDP at XT 521899. F Troop and the 984th LCC continued its cut in the bunker complex at XT 4365, 4364, finding extensive trail complexes. They put out automatic-ambushes and ambush patrols and made their NDP at XT 460635. 1/G Troop and 4/919th swept 246 at 1025 hours and found a TM-46 mine at XT 46489. At 1145 hours, they found two new TM-46 mines at XT 570841.

            On 3 April E troop conducted ground reconnaissance along 246 from 41 N-S to 46 N-S grids, making their NDP at XT 446818. F Troop and the 984th LCC finished the tactical cuts near XT 4364, and made their NDP at XT 460635. G Troop disarmed their automatic-ambushes north and northeast of FT. DEFIANCE. HHT took supplies to D/2/7. At 1655 hours, at XT 485819, HHT had one automatic ambush detonate. The S-3 of 2/11 checked and found one individual waving a white flag. His LOH received small-arms fire. Artillery supported, the 4/919th found two NVA killed.

            On 4 April E Troop conducted reconnaissance of north and south trails from 246 up to XT 410839. At o345 hours at XT 440824 an automatic ambush detonated with negative results. E Troop set out automatic ambushes and made their NDP at XT 444819. F Troop escorted the 984th LCC to FSB Grant. F troop found 2 TM-46 mines at XT 402633 at 1000 hours. F Troop put out snipers and automatic-ambushes and made its NDP at XT 488721. G Troop found a grave with 1 NVA body, dead two weeks, at XT 536877. At 1`725 hours, an automatic ambush went off, killing two NVA. G Troop policed an AK-47 and AK-50 and some documents. The 4/919th swept 246 to XT 463819, establishing 3 automatic-ambushes. At 1450 hours, the Engineers sighted 10 NVA crossing 246 heading north. The engineers engaged. At the same time, HHT was tracking NVA commo wire found April 3 near XT 478819, and received small-arms fire. E Troop and H Company reacted, but with no results.

            On 5 April E Troop continued reconnaissance of the trails along 246 from XT 463819 to XT 410839, making their NDP at XT 410819. F Troop moved to XT 410819, putting AA’s in the trails, and making their NDP at 444819. F Troop, while escorting a platoon of 155mm howitzers to FT. DEFIANCE, had an ACAV hit a mine at XT 470820. One man was wounded and the ACAV moderately damaged. F Troop put out AA’s and snipers around their NDP at XT 407838. G Troop reconned west and north of their NDP. They had four US wounded at XT 548878 when an AA went off. Investigation showed the claymore had been turned around and booby-trapped.

            On April 6 E Troop continued reconning the trails along 246 from XT 463819 to XT 410839, making their NDP at XT 410819. F Troop moved to near XT 385755 continuing their reconnaissance to 285754, and making NDP at 503794. The 4/919th swept 246 to XT 463819 and checked their AA’s. At 0955 hours, they made contact at 482819. Received small-arms and RPG fire as they engaged, but the enemy evaded, leaving one NVA killed and 2 US wounded. E Troop reacted and made contact at 1000 hours at XT 482819. Again the enemy evaded, leaving two NVA dead, and an RPG-2 and RPG-7.

            On 7 April E Troop had a dismounted patrol receive small-arms and RPG fire at XT 405858 at 1550 hours. Artillery supported, with no results. F Troop reconned southeast of the NDP and at 0838 hours they found two graves with two bodies, two weeks old. At 1347 hours they found an east-west trail used by six individuals within the past week at XT 382780. At 1630 hours they found a 23-pound mine at XT 382773. At the same location, an M551 hit a mine which wounded one US. At 1800 hours, an AA went off, killing one NVA at 468819. H Company found a bunker, 3’ by 4’ with 1’ of overhead cover one week old at 516846.

            On April 8 E Troop received 1 122mm rocket, 8 82mm rounds, 5 RPG rounds from the north at their NDP at XT 4 08838. The incoming ceased at 0540 hours resulting in four US wounded. At 0937 hours, two RPG’s impacted in front of the lead vehicle at XT 408560. Artillery and a LFT supported with no results. At 2245 hours. A G Troop AP had a trip flare ignite 50 meters from their position. G Troop sighted 25 individuals and engaged. In their first light sweep they found 3 NVA killed, 1 AK-47, 1 US .45 caliber pistol, 580-lbs of rice and 60-lbs of fish, 50-lbs sugar, 15-lbs grain, 4 medical packs, 2 ChiCom grenades, 30 NVA uniforms, 29 NVA packs, 7 rice bowls, 1 flashlight and some documents. They found an RPG-7 launcher on the north side of the trail at XT 48 0820. At 1055 hours, AA had detonated during the night, leaving a blood trail at XT 467818. At 1125 hours, at XT 477818, killing one NVA. A later sweep found 2 NVA killed and one RPG-2. On April 9 see CAAIR.

            On 10 April E Troop at 0315 hours found a TM-46 mine while on a road sweep at XT 497819. At XT  477820 they found another, At 1820 hours an AA activated, killing two NVA at XT 480830. An AK-47, RPG-2 and some documents were captured. The troop NDP’s at XT 499818. F Troop reconned north and northeast of the NDP. H Company reconned around FT. DEFIANCE. 1130 hours, the S-3, 2/11, spotted enemy positions at XT 507834 while flying in LOH. H Company swept the area and found 5 82mm rounds, 2 ChiCom grenades, and imprints of 4 82mm base plates. They also found 16 bunkers 4’ by 3’ with 1’ of overhead cover, 1 ChiCom grenade, 1 full AK-47 magazine and some bloody bandages. At XT 505835 at 1550 hours, they found 1 bunker with overhead cover containing first aid kit, commo wire and many blood spots. The 4/919th swept 246 and at XT 504827 found 3 blood trails two running east-west and one running north-south.

            On 11 April E Troop continued reconning, and had a AA activate with no results. At 1005 hours they received small-arms fire and RPG’s from the north at XT 495839. A LFT, artillery and Tac Air supported, but with no results, of US casualties. There were 4 NVA killed, 4 AK-47’s, 8 packs, 12 ChiCom grenades and documents captured. E Troop also found footprints of 10 NVA moving north at XT 484820. G Troop had 2 AA’s activate with no results. At 1435 hours, their AA went off, killing two NVA and many blood trails. At 1516 hours they found 1 dead NVA in 3-day grave at XT 551854. H Company found 14 bunkers with overhead cover, 14 mortar positions, 4 powder bag cans, 10 fuze cans at XT 513836.

             On 12 April E Troop received 7 rounds of 60mm mortars from the north at their NDP at XT 447843 at 0552 hours. There were no casualties. At 1630 hours, E troop had an AA activate resulting in 3 NVA killed, 1 PW wounded and 1 AK-47 captured at XT 472843. F Troop had an AA activate, killing one NVA at XT 415837.

            On 13 April E troop had an AA activate, killing 1 NVA, 1 SKS and 2 ChiCom grenades at XT 469841 at 0657 hours. At 1210 hours, E Troop received one RPG from the north at XT 473872. F Troop reinforced, along with artillery, Tac AIR, LFT and ARA. There was sporadic contact until 1600 hours resulting in two US wounded and a M551 moderately damaged. There were 31 NVA killed by US forces, 1 POW, 1 60mm mortar, AK-47, 1 RPG-7 launcher and documents captured. At 1715 hours, F Troop hit a 23-lb mine which wounded one US at XT 473832.

            On 14 April. The F Troop NDP received 20 rounds of 82mm mortars and 3 B40 rockets and small-arms fire at XT 408837 at 0531 hours. There were two US wounded. H Company received small-arms fire at 1606 hours, which broke leaving 2 dead NVA, 2 AK-47’s captured, at XT 474843. At 1807 hours, F Troop while moving to NDP observed and engaged 12 NVA with no results at XT 497820, although 2 bunkers and 1 tunnel were discovered. At 2005 hours, Ft. DEFIANCE received 1 107mm rocket which impacted on a trailer which was destroyed killing one US and wounding 3. At 2027 hours, an RPG hit, causing no damage.

            On 15 April E Troop conducted maintanance operations at the FOB, checked AA’s and one platoon swept 246 west to 448821. At 1705 hours, XT 471820, they observed 3 NVA, but no results. F Troop continued reconnaissance, and engaged heavy movement at XT 5184, with negative results. Artillery supported. The Troop made its NDP at XT 508847. G Troop found a 23-pound mine at XT 657838 at 1407 hours. H Company continued maintenance at FT. DEFIANCE and closed FSB BURKETT at 2017 hours. 4/919th swept 246 to XT 448821, making their NDP At FSB BURKETT.

             On 16 April, E Troop conducted ground reconnissance in box 4584, 4582, 4982, putting out AA’s with NDP at XT 475821. F Troop conducted reconnaisence at FOB and put out 7 AA’s. G Troop found a TM-46 mine at XT 500820. At 1346 hours G Troop found two NVA in graves, killed by AA. They also found one canteen, first aid pack, documents, AK bandoleer, and a ChiCom claymore. HHT, 4/919th and H Company constructed FSB BURKETT.

            On 17 April, E Troop had AA activate at 1443 hours, killing two NVA at XT 473844. At 1613 hours, E Troop made contact west of DEFIANCE, receiving 3 GPG rounds. They fired, artillery, a LFT and Tac Air supported with no results. At 1713 hours, E Troop spotted one enemy in bunkers and killed him at XT 465838, capturing one AK-47. E Troop made its NDP at XT 475821. With 10 AA’s out. F Troop reconned north of Hill 95 from 495845 to 480842. At 1746 hours G Troop resulted RPG and light machinegun fire from north and southwest of their NDP resulting in two US wounded, 1 NVA POW and 1 NVA killed. One RPG and launcher wer captured. G Troop swept 246 from XT 500820 to FSB Burkett. At 1030 hours, G Troop M551 hit a 23-pound mine while moving to secure downed UH-1H. Also a H Company M48 hit a mine while moving to the Uh-1H at XT 550885.

            On 18 April E Troop found a NVA body in a grave, at XT 470821. They also found 7 60mm mortar rounds, RPG-7 round,. The troop put out 10 AA’s and snipers.

  PART OF THIS LINE IS MISSING THE TOP 2/3 OF THE LETTERS, killing 1 NVA. At 1045H, an M551 hit a 23lb mine at 570843 on the north side of the road. Atv2154H, 518818, after completing a mad minute, they received AK-47 fire from 300-400m S.

            On 19 April at 1800H. F troop sighted 3 NVA in the open 150m W of their NDP. They returned fire. A sweep of the area revealed 1 NVA PW, some documents, and 1 AK-47. At 1850H, the 2/11 C&C ship received 20 rounds of AK-47 fire.

            At 0745H, on 21 April, G Troop had an AA go off. The sweep revealed 6 NVA KIA, 5 AK-47’s, and documents. At 1254H, 551865, G Troop found 22B 4’ by 6’ by4’ with 1’ OHC. And 3 82mm mortar positions. At 1644H, while moving to FOB, they found 1 NVA KBAA 13 hrs ago. At 2149H, 545879, they observed 3 individuals in a bomb crater 150m W. They returned fire with claymores and LFT. HHT, from 0240-0435H, at BURKETT received 10 107mm rockets, 123 rds of 82mm mortars, 20 rds 60mm mortar from the north. They also received moderate s/a and RPG fire. There were 14 US wounded(8 medevaced); 1 M48 lightly damaged, and 1 M113 lightly damaged. Ther3 were 2 NVA KIA.

             On 22 April E troop at 449821, found 3 NVA bodies from an AA activated the previous night. At 1225H, at 470830, an M551 detonated a mine in old tank bust causing heavy damage. Later at 1300H, while moving to assist, another M551 hit a mine which caused heavy damage. At 1320H, 546886m a G TroopM113A hit 2 23lb mines which wounded one US and heavily damaged the vehicle. At 1330H a G Troop AA detonated killing 2 NVA and capturing 2 AK-47’s.

            On 24 April at 1635H, 125m NW of BURKETT, they found 4 107mm rockets, 2 flashlights, 6 aiming stakes, 1 hammock, 3 CC grenades, 2 NVA canteens, 5 NVA shovels and a pistol belt. E Troop NDP was at 580876, F Troop at 518869,and G Troop 537876.

            On 25 April, E Troop continued sweep of 246, and F Troop relocated at 536872. They picked up AA’s at Suio Chong Uyen. At 0924H, 545865, an AA was activated within the last 18 hrs. They found 3 sets of field gear, blood spots, and 2 NVA KIA. At 1534H, 522858 and 532854 they found AA’s activated with 1 grave at each location and 2 NVA KBAA. G Troop relocated its FOB at 515863, picked up AA’s on cut N of FSB BURKETT and assumed mission of F Troop S of Suio Chong Yuen. At 1126H, 54876, an M551 hit a TM-46 mine off the shoulder of the road with monor damage. At1136H, 508852, G Troop, while enroute to check AA’s, had an ACAV hit a booby trapped AA which resulted in 3 US KBAA, 1 US WBAA, and 1 KIT CARSON scout WBAA. At 0940H, 553849, H Co found 1 NVA body 4 days old killed by a 50 cal. At 558853, they found commo wire running to all points, 40 small bags of rice, 3 82mm rounds, 3 RPG rds, 1 CC grenade, 1 MG position, 60 shovel handles, 1 BANGALORE TORPEDO, 1 82mm fuse, and 1 35’ antenna used in the last 4 days.

            On 26 April E troop continued its sweep of ROUTE 246 E to BURKETT. At 0830H, 573878, they found a 23lb mine on the N side of the road. At 0846, 580833, they found a 30lb mine on the S side of the road. Also 150m to the E they found another 30lb mine, both implaced in the last 4 hrs. F Troop continued GR from 528874 to 505866. G Troop continued GR from 515862 to 542846 to 520820 to 505795. At 1634H H Co found 1 50 cal MG.

            On 28 April E Troop continued local patrols N & S of their FOB, checking AA’s. At 1045H, 580843, while checking an AA site, E troop observed 2 NVA 100m away. They fired but the enemy successfully evaded. F Troop GR’d from FOB to 568873 and at 1025H, 505865, had an AA go off. In the sweep they found HCM sandals, pools of blood, and 2 NVA KBAA. G Troop reconned Hill 95 to check AA’s.

 On 29 April E troop swept 246 from BURKETT to 551878. They took down AA’s, while at their NDP they received 1 rd of 120mm rocket fire from the S. G Troop, at 1045, 494815, received small arms fire from the S of road by a squad-size force. At 1805H an AA was set off and the sweep turned up 2 NVA KBAA.

            On 30 April, E troop moved their NDP to 521899. F Troop secured route to the N. for 2/11 and 3/11 move. They moved their FOB to 512904. Their NP was at 512904. G Troop secured HHT/2/11 on move to new FSB. At 1247H, 515905, a water trailer detonated a 23-lb mine.

            During the period, HHT, 4/919th and H Co. performed mostly security missions. The 4/919th swept route 246 to 244 almost daily, secured by HHT. HHT also secured convoys, and protected the FSB. H Co also served as a RRF for DEFIANCE and BURKETT, performing GR near the base. 4/919th built each base, and was assisted by HHT. They also had the mission of securing and maintaining the erdalator for the squadron.

 15.              Could not read In April.

From 5 April to 11 April there were 18 ground-toair firings, 4 attacks by indirect fire, 11 enemy contacts and 99 mining incidents. The week before there were 5 ground-to-air firings, no attacks by fire, 10 contacts and 51 mining incidents. Analysis of the increased ground-to –air firings was found to be credited to enemy planning. The enemy has issued armor piercing rounds to be used in AK-47’s for firing at helicopters. The increase occurred when the enemy was preparing for the attack on Ft. Defiance. Since many of the firings occurred when the ships were at high altitude, 2500 to 3000’ the enemy may have used them, in part, to divert attention from his other activities. The decrease in mining incidents was the result of two things: one, less Squadron LCC movement, thus lessening the chance for mines, and two, the enemy’s preoccupation with preparing the attack.

 The four attacks by fire were in conjunction with the attack on Ft, Defiance. The first attack’s magnitude indicates that it was a pre-ground probe attack. The other three attacks were diversions to allow ground troops and cover disengagement and withdrawal.

 One significant shift in enemy patterns: the 50th RSG has begun to move through the area west of Defiance. probably caused by the constant interdiction of the east trails by automatic ambushes. Last week the enemy set off 17 AA’s, while in this week he set off only 8. This drop was caused by F Troop reconning the Mustang Trail. When troops move west of Hazel the effectiveness of the AA trout lines will increase.

 On 7 April G/2/11 established a live ambush with AA’s in blocking position. A trip flare went off, and 25 individuals were seen in the kill zone. The NVA fled, leaving 500 lbs of rice, fish, packs, uniforms and medical supplies. It is suspected that the equipment was intended for the 101st Regiment. Since this ambush the enemy has returned to small groups, 4 and 5 men. Overconfidence in the safety of the area and the dire needs of the 101stprobably caused the attempt to move such a large group. The movement was primarily by groups of SR-=1 and 50th RSG, both attempting to get to the 101st south of highway 246 along the Saigon River.

 A major shift in the 9th VC Division seems to be in the final stages. The 271st Regiment has deployed to the Angel’s Wing area. The 95C Regt. Is ready to move into base area 354. It has been out of contact since March 12 and has probably had some re-supply and re-fitting. When the 95C Regt. Displaces south of the Dog’s Head to base area 354 the 9th VC Division will be in its “wet season” confirmation. The 271st will probably attempt to intardict LCC’s south of Tay Ninh.

 The 7th NVA Division is showing signs of its wet season displacement. The 165th NVA Regt. is in its Fishhook area. The 141st or 209th NVA Regt. will probably displace to the Flat Iron area of base area 352. He other regiments will remain in Base Area 350 and as the weather deteriorates all regiments will attempt to gain foothols in Binh Long Province, trying to intardict CL 13 population centers and RFPF/ARVN camps in the province.

  The identification of the Z-22 Artillery Battalion on two occasions from AA’s indicate a shift from its last location in the Bu Dop area on 24 Nov 69 to Eastern Tay Ninh Province. Current indications are that this unit is in direct support of the 165th Regt. targeted against the 2/11. Documents indicate and information from interrogation of LE NGOC CU, a PW from C16 Company, 165th Regt, indicate that Z-22 Arty Bn may have operational control of the indirect fire companies of the 165th regt.

 The current mission of K4 and K5 of the 165th NVA Regt is to attack 2/11 FSB and NDP’s with heavy indirect fire followed by ground probes. Currently The Regt. is as follows: K4 495868, K5 578755, K6 573853, with Regt. Hqs. In Cambodia near bridge 8 XT 4895. The C-18 AA Company has been split with platoons sent to each battalion. For the Z-22 Bn see above.

 All Bns of the 95C Regt, are operating within or east of BA 354. TheK9 Bn was identified on 13 April at 022669 when B/1/11 engaged 8 NVA evading in a bunker, killing 7 and capturing 1. FSB Kramer received a rocket attack on 15 April from 95C. 95C remains targeted against FSB’s east of BA 354. Current intelligence indicates the 3rd Bn at WT 960737 and 2nd Bn at WT 942742.

 Enemy activity for the period 12-18 April consisted of 17 ground-to –air firings, 3 attacks by indirect fire, 5 enemy contacts and 7 mining incidents.

 Elements of the 165th Regt. were identified on two occasions. On 22 April the Z4 Bn was named by documents found in a bunker complex at 592773. This area was suspected, because of their move south in early April. This Bn may have attacked the CIDG at Tonle Chan on 20 April. Since then they have avoided contact and activity in that area has decreased, indicating that the Bn is not to be tasked in the near future. The Bn may be inactive while it prepares for Phase 8 of Campaign X. On 19 April, F Troop engaged a small force near its NDP. A PW, Ngo Duc An, stated that he was a member of a recon party along with one man from the Bn recon. They were to recon armor units and stage an attack within 24 hours after the recon was completed. The Z4 Bn attacked FSB BURKETT on 20-21 April. They may have moved north to prepare for Phase C attacks perhaps further south.

 The 209th NVA Regt. was confirmed as occupying the AO previously held by 95C Regt. On 18 April documents from a KIA named the C-25 Recon Co. at 454760. Three maps were found, indicating the K8 Bn possibly south of 246 and Bo Tuc. On 23 April at 412791 the Z6 Bn was confirmed. Two namings of the E-3 F-304 Div. in NVA appeared. On 21 April C/1-7 found documents that named group 2142 and E-3 F304. On 25 April following an attempted ambush at 399846, documents were found that indicated that members had previously been a part of E-3 F304. Also on 25 April, B Troop found a letter on a KIA NVA that identified C-9 Co, 209th Regt. In the past the 304th Div. has supplied the 209th, and it seems that they have resupplied them- with possibly the infiltration group 2142. The Regt. appears to have deployed into the KATUM-Bo Tuc area and currently has Z8 Bn forward, south of 246. The rest of the Regt. is north of 246, with the HQs near Cambodia.

 On 20 April, at 518730, documents found in bunkers named the 101st and the 50th S.G. The 50th RSG supports the 101st as it begins its early stages of possible movement south. Indicators are that the 101st and 50th RSG are using a route from the Suio Ngo Bed into Minh Thanh rubber Plantations. No indications appeared near Soc Con Trang or Katum-Bo Tuc. On 21 April C Troop found NVA KIA at AA site 538838, men trained in the 101st Regt of the 325 Div, in Group 2156. They were members of New 101st Regt headed south. The documents indicated that they received extensive political training. On 22 April G Troop at 506806 had a  AA activate that identified 101st elements. With the documents was a NVA Pfc collar brass of crossed RPG’s. This may indicate that the 7th NVA Div had been trained to fight armor. This may aid reports of 101st OPCON to the 7th NVA Div, and indicate future plans as it moves out of COSVN base area. The fact that the Regt. appears to be infiltrating south in the direction of the Minh Thanh Rubber Plantation would seem to indicate that the 101st Regt will probably conduct operations along QL 13 and be targeted against the 1st ARVN Cav Regt, which works from Lai Khe to An Loc.






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